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After Revealing He Played In Sneakers With Holes As A Kid, Neymar Racks Up An $18,000 Bill On ‘Sneaker Shopping’

Credit: Complex / YouTube

Brazilian soccer sensation and international fútbol star, Neymar-no-last-name-Junior (his full name is actually Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior) went sneaker shopping with Complex for their celebrity series hosted by Joe La Puma. Previous guests on the show have included J. Balvin, Juelz Santana, Fat Joe and DJ Khaled.

In this episode of “Sneaker Shopping,” Neymar made it clear there was no way for him to be a “sneakerhead” when he was growing up. He reveals he was poor and could only afford a single pair as a kid. He played in that pair until they got holes in them. They were Nike Air Jordans.

Little did Neymar know that years later, he’d be wearing his very own signature Air Jordan shoe.

Credit: Yahoo Deportes

This limited edition shoe was created for Neymar with Michael Jordan’s basketball number, “23,” on one side and Neymar’s number “10” on the other side.

Neymar spared no expense in the episode, raking up a sneaker bill that cleared $15,000.

Host Joe Le Puma was on hand to ask all the sneakerhead-related questions.

The @neymarjr episode of "Sneaker Shopping" is now live. ? @13thwitness LINK IN BIO to watch. ??

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And the episode released just in time, as Neymar announced his newest Nike shoe today.

My new boots ⚽️ @nikefootball #Mercurial

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The shoe comes in several different versions, but with no clear release date set yet, check in on Nike often if you want to snag a pair. The last ones sold out pretty quick.

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Cardi B’s Reebok Collaboration Is Almost Here And She’s Giving Us All A Sneak Peak Before It Drops


Cardi B’s Reebok Collaboration Is Almost Here And She’s Giving Us All A Sneak Peak Before It Drops


Cardi B fans know the rapper most for her hit tunes, obviously her extravagant claws and now we’re about to know her for her incredible sneaker line. So move over red bottoms, because Cardi has brought her own.

In a special teaser video of her upcoming collab (which will be available to the public on November 13), Cardi B reveals the entire collection in the most Cardi way possible.

Ahead of the official release, Cardi B teased her new Reebok collection.

It was just last month (in fact on her birthday!) that Cardi B announced that she would be releasing her first-ever sneaker collaboration with Reebok. Well, that day is almost here. Along with her big announcement, she also unveiled her stunning campaign images that showed her posing with the various sneakers.

In fact, some lucky fans have already been able to get their hands on the collection via their Reebok memberships, something Cardi referred to as a “birthday gift to my loyal fans.”

Now, with just two days to go before the big release, she is teasing all of us even more with a sneak peek teaser video. In the clip, Cardi can be heard shouting expletives as a truck in the shape of the letter ‘B’ – and featuring the collection’s logo – sat at the end of her driveway. 

‘What is this?!’ she exclaimed, as two women emerged from the vehicle without a word and made their way to the rear. The leather-clad ladies opened the giant, gold-toned ‘B’ like a door, which prompted a lengthy pink carpet to unwind. Resting at the carpet’s based was a B-shaped box made out of red-crocodile skin fabric, which the two women grabbed and carried towards Cardi. 

Once the extravagant box was successfully unzipped, it popped open to reveal a cartoon version of Cardi’s signature tongue-out expression, as well as coinciding sound effects. 

A pair of the brown and off white platform Club C Cardi sneakers were positioned just under the fake mouth’s uvula. If that’s not the most Cardi-esque reveal than I don’t know what would be.

Then came the actual unboxing video which has fans eager to get their hands on the sneakers!

Credit: iamcardib / Instagram

Once the whole production behind the delivery was done, Cardi picked up the pair of sneakers and brought them closer to her iPhone’s camera lens so that she could capture all of the intricate details.

When the Reebok representatives lifted the tongue, they accidentally exposed a red-patent leather version of Cardi’s sneakers.

‘Ah!! Oh no! I can’t show the red ones,’ shouted the hitmaker before the video abruptly ended.

“Wow! Wow! I love my @Reebok collab packaging. I never seen it in person. These will be delivered tomorrow. I love it! I hope you guys love it,’ captioned Cardi, as she unboxed the sneakers on Instagram.

Cardi B’s new Reebok collection is set to debut Nov. 13.

Credit: Reebok

The star’s shoe collab with Reebok will be available for purchase on November 14 on The shoes, which were designed by Cardi herself, are “laced with a whole lotta attitude.” They’re also surprisingly low-key.

“Nobody does it bigger than Cardi B—so you know we had to go all the way colossal for her birthday. The new Club C Cardi is designed in collaboration with Cardi herself, the conductor of all things luxe. And the attitude’s in the details. It’s snatched to perfection with a stacked sole and juuust the right amount of that razor-sharp Cardi edge… Cardi B always brings the heat,” Rebook’s description of the shoe says. “She brings it from the beats to the streets in these signature Club C shoes for women. They take design cues from high fashion, streetwear and Cardi’s personality to create a stand-out style. High shine patent leather and an exaggerated height represent her place in the industry. A see-through midsole and outsole symbolizes Cardi’s realness and openness.”

The shoes comes in chalk, matte gold, and core black in colors. 

The Grammy Award-winning artist revealed that her new line of Reebok sneakers will be $100 a pop. Cardi signed a deal with the brand two years ago in November 2018. Fashion collabs are hardly new for her, of course. The mother of one had collaborated in the past with brands like Balenciaga, Steve Madden, Tom Ford, and Fashion Nova.

And it’s not the first the “Bodak Yellow” rapper has worked alongside Reebok.

Few of us were surprised last year when she collaborated with Reebok and revealed some Cardi B-inspired sneakers. 

In a press release from Reebok, per Teen Vogue, they explained that the design for the sneaker was “inspired by Cardi B’s appearance in their newest campaign video, as Cardi’s flamboyant choice of fashion fits the vibe of a shoe that defies expectations with crystal additions. Each pair is specially designed and individually numbered, making these sneakers an actual work of art.”

The Cardi-inspired sneakers came after the rapper had starred in a trippy Reebok commercial that got fans speculating on what the future relationship might bring us.

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This Oaxacan Artist Is Turning Sneakers Into Her Canvas For Día De Muertos And The Results Are Incredible


This Oaxacan Artist Is Turning Sneakers Into Her Canvas For Día De Muertos And The Results Are Incredible

dorisarellano_pintora / Instagram

As the Coronavirus pandemic has brought to a halt economies and countries around the world, it’s also helped shutter the businesses of artists who rely on galleries and street markets to sell their creations.

Mexico is one of the world’s hardest hit countries and artists in the country have had to get creative to find new clients and customers amid a global pandemic.

However, with the rising popularity of bespoke sneaker collections, one Oaxacan artist seems to have found the winning formula.

A Oaxacan artist has made sneakers her canvas and she’s highlighting her culture in this new medium.

Credit: dorisarellano_pintora / Instagram

Mexico has been one of the world’s hardest hit countries by the Covid-19 pandemic. Coronavirus-related restrictions have indefinitely closed millions of businesses across the country as tourists stopped coming to the country.

As these restrictions have impacted the livelihoods of millions of Mexicans, many have been forced to get creative. For one artist from Oaxaca, Doris Arellano Manzo, the choice was clear: a canvas is a canvas — it could be stretched over a wooden frame or stretched over a pair of athletic shoes.

Like other artists worldwide who are succeeding at beating the pandemic’s economic challenges to their careers, Arellano is learning to adapt — to be less conventional and to think quite literally a bit smaller: she now paints her art on sneakers.

Thanks to the pandemic, Arellano felt she needed to reinvent herself and her craft.

It all started in July when Arellano and her daughter Frida – a communications and social media professional, realized that Arellano needed to think outside the traditional. It was obvious that museums and galleries would likely remain closed for sometime, so how else could they bring her art to her clients?

“Since I love to paint, I can paint for you on a large canvas just as well as I can on a small one,” she recently told the newspaper Milenio. “As far as I’m concerned, while you have me here with my paints and paintbrushes, I’m thrilled.”

Each pair of shoes is unique, she said, “because it’s all done by hand, not by machine.” She describes her style as “traditionalist contemporary,” and says she is drawn to evoking the rites and customs of Oaxacan traditional culture.

Her Día de Muertos collection is garnering international attention.

Credit: dorisarellano_pintora / Instagram

Arellano’s latest collection features shoes with colorful abstract designs in bright cempasúchil orange, with lush floral wreaths and, of course, featuring the iconic Día de Muertos Catrina.

The collection was timed perfectly since so many are looking for non-traditional art amidst a very non-traditional year.

Her latest collection of work, all painted on athletic footwear, is entitled after the celebration she’s commemorating, Día de Muertos.

She says her collections are an homage to traditional Oaxacan festivities that couldn’t take place in 2020.

Credit: dorisarellano_pintora / Instagram

In addition to her recently released Día de Muertos collection which has been very popular, Arellano has created art with other Oaxacan themes.

In fact, when she first began her art-themed sneaker collection in July, at Friday’s suggestion, her sneaker art was based on the enormous festival of Guelaguetza. The Guelaguetza is a traditional Oaxaca cultural festival that had to be canceled this year due to the pandemic.

In some ways, she said, the enforced isolation of the pandemic has been a huge challenge for artists like herself, but in other ways, it’s actually been familiar.

“The work of an artist is a bit enclosed,” she admitted. “We go out when there are exhibits, when we have to go introduce ourselves in public or do interviews.”

Still, she said, the pandemic caught the art community flatfooted.

“Artists don’t have a way to show their work during the pandemic,” she said. “It’s all been halted, and we have to go back and look for new formats for the public to see what we are doing.”

It seems like 2020 has been the year of handcrafted sneaker lines.

Although Arellano is working hard to infuse her own culture into her art and her new sneaker line, she isn’t the first to do so. Just this year Nike released its take on the traditional holiday with a Día de Muertos-themed sneaker collection that had fans of both the holiday and the sneaker company excited for.

Then we got news that Bad Bunny was releasing a custom Crocs line – which flew off the shelves and are now selling for more than four times the original retail price. Plus, recent rumors say that Bad Bunny will also be launching an Adidas collaboration at some point in early 2021.

People have long been obsessed with bespoke sneaker collections, but thanks to the pandemic people are looking for new ways to support artists and satisfy their shopping cravings. We can’t think of a better way than by supporting local Indigenous artists like Arellano.

You can get more information here.

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