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After Revealing He Played In Sneakers With Holes As A Kid, Neymar Racks Up An $18,000 Bill On ‘Sneaker Shopping’

Credit: Complex / YouTube

Brazilian soccer sensation and international fútbol star, Neymar-no-last-name-Junior (his full name is actually Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior) went sneaker shopping with Complex for their celebrity series hosted by Joe La Puma. Previous guests on the show have included J. Balvin, Juelz Santana, Fat Joe and DJ Khaled.

In this episode of “Sneaker Shopping,” Neymar made it clear there was no way for him to be a “sneakerhead” when he was growing up. He reveals he was poor and could only afford a single pair as a kid. He played in that pair until they got holes in them. They were Nike Air Jordans.

Little did Neymar know that years later, he’d be wearing his very own signature Air Jordan shoe.

Credit: Yahoo Deportes

This limited edition shoe was created for Neymar with Michael Jordan’s basketball number, “23,” on one side and Neymar’s number “10” on the other side.

Neymar spared no expense in the episode, raking up a sneaker bill that cleared $15,000.

Host Joe Le Puma was on hand to ask all the sneakerhead-related questions.

And the episode released just in time, as Neymar announced his newest Nike shoe today.

The shoe comes in several different versions, but with no clear release date set yet, check in on Nike often if you want to snag a pair. The last ones sold out pretty quick.

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