The Kardashians: Reimagined As Mexicanas

Here’s how things would go down if the Kardashian Klan were Latinas. Now, obviously, they will never be good enough to be real Mexicans but it is interesting to imagine how their dramatic af lifestyles would play if they were Mexican. Let’s a take a moment, suspend reality, and allow the Kardashians to experience the Latino life as we see fit.

Their names would be Klarissa, Katrina, Katarina, Kamila and Kika.

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Where's Kendall when I need her…😭

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They would live a lavish lifestyle jet setting around South America on the fact that they are famous for being famous. They are a fun group of people, for sure, and people love to obsess about their over-the-top lifestyle.

Kris’ name would be Koncepción.

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It’s pretty clear why. And, yes. She would still be the fierce and sometimes feared momager that turns their life into dollars.

North’s name would be Norteada, obviously.

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It only makes sense. They might be Mexican now but that doesn’t mean that there would be too many changes to their life and names.

That whole Jordyn and Tristan drama would have gone down in the family group text.

We all know that our parents care about appearances so the drama would have stayed within the family. Not only would they still be together for appearances, but Tristan would be on the shortest leash known to man.

Y quien es Jordyn?

That’s right. She would be banished from the house and no one in the family would ever speak to her again. It’s just how our families function and that’s that on that.

They’d live in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

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With only the finest plebada. We can only imagine how grand their home would be in this alternate universe but one thing is for sure, we would see every inch on camera.

They would conceal their waist-trainers.

We all know that they’re really fajas and Latinas don’t expose such secrets. How else are you supposed to convince the world that your exercise routine is working without the faja?

They’d switch their stilettos for something a little more “fierce.”

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Tbh, most of us have a pair of these bad boys tucked away in our closets. We don’t wear them often but when we do, well, these boots are made for walking.

Their favorite designer wouldn’t be Olivier Roustein, but Mitzy.

Truly an icon of our time. No one would do the Kardashians better than this incredible designer with all of the Mexicana charm.

He would design Kylie’s quinceañera gowns.

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Quinceañera en programa Hoy

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Yes. Gowns. We all know that this is how it would go down. There is no way she would only have one dress. Let’s just be honest about that, okay?

They’d date hot soccer players instead of basketball players.

Now, this is an idea that more people need to get behind. Who wouldn’t want to be married to or dating one of the fine men that control the soccer field?

Instead of their own apps, they would have their own marketed piñatas.

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You might be thinking that this is too on the nose, and you’d be right. However, this is also one of the most honest things the Kardashians could do if they were Mexican.

Their show would be the hottest telenovela.

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Because you hadn’t seen drama like this before.

Dominican-American Model With Muscular Dystrophy, Jillian Mercado Reveals Acting Debut On ‘L Word’ Sequel Series


Dominican-American Model With Muscular Dystrophy, Jillian Mercado Reveals Acting Debut On ‘L Word’ Sequel Series

jillianmercado / Instagram

Dominican-American fashion model Jillian Mercado has made quite a name for herself in the world of fashion. The disabled model has worked to challenge traditional beauty ideals in the fashion industry while also pushing back against the misrepresentation and stigmas of people with disabilities in the world of fashion as well. In 2014, she shot to prominence when she first appeared as a model for the designer jean brand Diesel and then once again when she landed a modeling contracting with IMG in 2015. Since then she’s appeared in various campaigns for clothing stores like Nordstrom, Target and modeled for photographers like Michael Avedon and Beyonce. 

The Dominicana’s latest move appears to be one as an actor shaking up the world of the upcoming drama series “The L Word: Generation Q” the sequel series to Showtime’s iconic hit “The L Word.”

For her television debut, Mercado is set to play an immigration attorney on the series.

In the continuing series of “The L Word: Generation Q,” the familiar faces of the original early 2000s series return alongside new ones who navigate love and relationships in Los Angeles. For her part, Mercado will play Maribel Suarez, an immigration attorney who is very close to her older sister Sophie, played by Rosanny Zayas. Sophie is a TV producer and Mercado’s part as Maribel will be recurring. 

The L Word: Generation Q”  will pick up 10 years from where the series left off in.

In a post to her Instagram, Mercado celebrated the announcement of her role describing what an important moment it is for the disabled community.

“I can’t even begin to explain how I feel like right now. Honestly where do I even begin?!?!? That’s right I’m making my first debut as an actor on the hit television show @sho_thelword which is making a come back next Sunday, December 8th!!!” Mercado wrote on her Instagram page. “I am absolutely crying right now so just give me a second to compose myself and I’ll be back to explain why this is so important and why the world needs to understand that representation is the key to our survival. AHHH!!!!!!!!!!”

Weeks ago, Mercado shared news with her fans that she had auditioned for the L Word. 

In a video posted to her Instagram, Mercado can be seen nervous and excited saying “I just did my first ever audition! …look how nervous I am like breaking out…for THE L WORD!! Ahhh!!…”⁣

Then in a follow up video, Mercado told fans that she received the most incredible news today and she cried at least five times throughout the day when she received it.  “f I just wanna burst in the air and fly because of the energy or how much energy you have just for a simple news but this specific news is really so life-changing and historic and today I was just told that I got a roll on a TV show and I don’t even know how to react right now because I really never thought that I was going to be a public figure for any in any capacity and here I am being a model in doing that as you know is amazing and it means more than just being a model to me and now I get to expand that message of representation and how people with disabilities deserve to be heard and we can’t tell our stories without us in the conversation and that always been important to me and today I found out that I’m going to elevate the conversation on television and I am Maribel on The L word word!!” Mercado explained. “I am going to be in your TV screens very very soon and I’m very excited and I’m very thankful and I am thankful for everyone who has joined me on this fight to be represented in the right way and I am so thankful to everybody that is currently in my life or just push me to be the best person and you know allowing me to be myself and authenticity is so important to me and is vital to my life and I love you all!!”

Mercado’s role on the series is a definite win for the Latinx and disabled community. 

The model and now actress was born with muscular dystrophy, a condition that causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass.

Mercado’s role on the series is a definite win for the Latinx and disabled community. 

The model and now actress was born with muscular dystrophy, a condition that causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass.

Mercado’s role on the series is a definite win for the Latinx and disabled community. 

The model and now actress was born with muscular dystrophy, a condition that causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass.

The Stars of “Real Housewives of Dallas” Have Split The Internet Into Two Camps Following a Drama-Filled Episode That Ended in a Xenophobic Rant


The Stars of “Real Housewives of Dallas” Have Split The Internet Into Two Camps Following a Drama-Filled Episode That Ended in a Xenophobic Rant


We’d be lying to ourselves if we didn’t admit that we love to indulge in some good, old-fashioned reality TV drama just as much as the next person. Luckily for us, Wednesday’s episode of Real Housewives of Dallas offered us just that. And this time, the drama centered around RHOD’s primadonna LeeAnne Locken and RHOD’s first cast member of Mexican descent, Kary Brittingham. 

For those of you who don’t know, Brittingham is a wealthy Dallas socialite who moved to Dallas from Guadalajara at the age of 16. She is married to Eduardo Brittingham, a Mexican-American millionaire, and entrepreneur who founded a company called Tu Familia, a “social media engagement app platform which connects and empowers Latino communities globally”. 

Episode 12 of Season Four saw the ladies taking an impromptu trip to Thailand. The trip was meant to be a relaxing learning experience for everyone, but of course, nothing can ever be relaxing in the Real Housewives world. Locken and Brittingham immediately began to butt heads over arbitrary tourism “rules” of Thailand–specifically, the expectation that visitors take off their hats when entering a Buddhist temple. 

The drama reached another level, however when Brittingham and fellow cast member D’Andra Simmons went out of their way to publicly mock Locken’s business venture, her L’Infinity dress.

For those of you who aren’t aware, last season, Locken debuted a dress she designed that she was incredibly proud of, the L’Infinity dress, which, according to her, could be worn in 175 different ways. Sensing a potentially hilarious opportunity, Simmons brought the dress with her to Thailand in order to wear to dinner. When Brittingham and Simmons arrived at dinner, they claimed that their tardiness was due to how much they struggled with putting the dress on. 

“We had a little wardrobe malfunction. This is all coming apart,” Simmons said while sitting down. While at first, her ensemble was met with exclamations of “How cute!” and “That dress looks gorgeous on you!” from the rest of the cast members, the mood quickly changed as the women began to realize that Simmons wasn’t wearing it from a place of support. Brittingham piled on with the criticism, adding selling the dress with “an instruction booklet…with pictures” would be “super helpful”.

While Locken first tried to brush off the teasing, she soon snapped, leaving the dinner table in tears. 

While being privately interviewed, later on, Locken explained the origins of her frustration: “If it’s a ‘joke’, you come down, you make it, you move on,” she said. “If you keep going because you haven’t gotten a reaction from me, it’s because you did it to get a reaction from me”. Indeed, it wasn’t only Locken who were a bit turned off by the ladies’ incessant teasing. “There’s a difference between a joke and a joke at someone’s expense”, Stephanie Hollman said later. “What they’re doing is, it’s a joke and LeeAnne’s a punchline, and that’s not cool.”

To make matters worse, the entire fiasco culminated in LeeAnne totally losing it and verbally attacking Brittingham due to her Mexican heritage. As part of the episode’s conclusion, as well as the preview for the next episode, we see Locken venting her frustration to Hollman, saying that Brittingham doesn’t “have the balls to be courageous” and admit that wearing the dress was coming from a place of malice. Talking about it, Locken becomes visibly more and more enraged, hitting herself in the face and saying, “C’mon Mexican, I thought you were all Mexican and strong. F*** that b****. You ain’t survive s***. And I’m tired of it”.

After Wednesday’s episode fans of RHOD were firmly divided into two camps: those of Locken’s side and those on Brittingham and Simmons’ side.

Others believed that Locken couldn’t justify why came off as a pretty racist rant at the end of the episode.

Some people couldn’t get past what they saw as Locken’s pretty racist rant at the end of the episode.

Others truly believed Brittingham and Simmons went too far and crossed the line into “bullying” territory. 

It’s interesting how starkly different people feel about the same situation.

This person called out Locken for her, frankly, xenophobic behavior:

Making fun of Brittingham’s perfectly understandable English is icky.

And this person seemed personally aggrieved at Brittingham and Simmons’ “prank”.

As for us, we believe all of the women involved could benefit from an intense session or two of therapy.