Cool Things Every LatinX Owned in the ‘90s That Cost 50¢

The older we get the more we realize how expensive everything is. It’s hard to find anything that costs 50¢ nowadays…well, except a delicious Frosty® from Wendy’s. Remember how in the ‘90s you could buy a ton of cool stuff for half a dollar? You’d be on your way out of the Latino supermarket with your mother and beg her for two quarters so you could buy something ridiculously awesome. Here are some cool things every LatinX owned in the ‘90s that cost only 50¢.

1. Butterfly Clips


It was very cool to wear butterflies in your hair. Wonder if this ‘90s trend will make a comeback?

2. Vending Machine Stickers


Remember how you’d cover your binder with stickers so you could barely see the material underneath? Ahhh, those were the days!

3. Sticky Hands


Now these little buggers were addicting. Every time your mom saw them on the counter at the supermarket, she’d have the quarters ready for you before you could even ask.

4. Vending Machine Slime


Who knew slime would make such a comeback for kids these days? Back in the ‘90s, we didn’t make our own slime though. We got it straight from the vending machine!

5. Pogs


Pogs were the most addicting toys in the entire world. Every trip to the supermarket with your mom was a chance to add more to your ever-growing collection.

6. Beaded Animal Keychains


It was very important for keychains to be fashionable…and beaded animals were all the rage! How fancy us ‘90s kids were.

7. Bolas

While completely uncomfortable, these bolas hair ties were super popular and super cheap.

The nostalgia is real with all of these cool ‘90s things that every LatinX owned. Lucky for all of us, Wendy’s is serving up some Frosty® Treats that also cost 50¢ for a limited time! So as you take a trip down memory lane remembering the toys and trends of your youth, enjoy a delicious Frosty®.

Small size Frosty offer at participating U.S. Wendy’s®, for a limited time. Price and participation may vary in AK and HI. © 2018 Quality Is Our Recipe, LLC.

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