We Didn’t Elect The First Woman President, But We Elected The First Latina Senator

With Donald Trump elected as president, many of us have woke up feeling discomfort, shock, despair, fear and disappointment. Although history was not made by electing a woman as president of the United States, history was made at a smaller scale. The first Latina has been elected to senate: Catherine Cortez Masto – our beacon of hope.

We didn’t elect the first woman president, but America made history by electing the first Latina senator – Nevada’s Catherine Cortez Masto.

Many thanks to our great President @BarackObama for joining us in Las Vegas today & reminding Nevada about what's at stake in this election. #NvSen

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 Yesssss queen!

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After last night’s results, Cortez Masto stresses, “As the first Latina senator I will use my seat at the table to fight for diversity.”

Being the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants, Cortez Masto strongly believes that “we must pass comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship… Building walls is NOT the answer.”


More than ever, Cortez Masto is also standing for the equality of women.

She firmly believes that “women should earn the same as men do for the same job.”

Catherine Cortez Masto has our back.


Just as her supporters have her back.


And despite everything, she has faith en seguir luchando.


Because we cannot give up. ??

Now, more than ever, we have to raise our voices higher.


And with Catherine Cortez Masto as our first Latina senator, we have a powerful chance.

Congratulations, senadora!

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John Oliver Called Out Herbalife For Targeting Latinos

Things That Matter

John Oliver Called Out Herbalife For Targeting Latinos

Credit: Last Week Tonight / YouTube

“Oh, I love the blood of the Latino community… I want to bathe in it!”

When Americans need someone to make sense out of the craziest, most frustrating aspects of American life, they’ve increasingly turned to John Oliver. His show, “Last Week Tonight,” has brilliantly tackled subjects like Brexit, FIFA corruption, and cyber security. Oliver has also focused on Latino issues, such as the Puerto Rican economic crisis, Latino school segregation and Donald Trump’s border wall. Most recently, Oliver zeroed in on “multilevel marketing” companies, which he argues are just your classic (illegal) pyramid schemes. He details how multilevel marketing companies like Herbalife, Amyway and Mary Kay make billions, while their promises of steady income (or ANY income) for distributors almost always falls short.

Oliver also details how Herbalife, one of the biggest and most controversial multi-level marketing companies around, has focused on recruiting Latinos…


(You can skip to that part of the show by clicking here, but you should really watch the whole episode.)

… with methods like this one: paying for ads in a telenovela.

Credit: HBO / Televisa
CREDIT: Credit: HBO / Televisa

He then shows a clip from “Betting On Zero,” a documentary that features several Latino distributors who say they were taken for thousands of dollars. This man says he lost more than $15,000.

Credit: HBO

And towards the end of the show, Oliver gets a little help from Mexican actor Jaime Camil (“Jane The Virgin”), who does a multilevel marketing-style presentation to get Spanish speaking viewers to share the video.

Credit: HBO

Yep, that’s why they created two versions of the episode on YouTube: one in English and this one, with Spanish-language subtitles.

WATCH: John Oliver Exposes Just How Badly Latino Students Are Getting Screwed

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*Correction: a previous version of this story listed Jamie Camil as an actor who appeared on the show “Ugly Betty.”

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