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Universal is on pace to hit the $1 billion mark for the first time ever thanks to Furious 7 and it’s no secret Vin Diesel’s muscles helped carry Furious 7 to the top. Learn more about Vin’s influence and how he’s killing the competition, in numbers…

89,861,423 Fans… And counting

Vin Diesel is one of the most popular celebrities on Facebook trailing only behind Cristiano Ronaldo, Shakira and Eminem. With dance moves like these, it’s no wonder he’s so popular.

$75,000,000 Net Worth

Monday morning return… Dom state of mind. Always reflective.

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Just to give you an idea of what his yearly income looks like, Vin pulled in $15M for Fast Five. How’s that for a pay day?

$3,000 for Vin’s Ticket to Stardom

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Yep, that’s what it cost Vin Diesel to create a showpiece for himself. He produced and starred in the 20 minute short Multi-Facial (1994) about a mixed actor struggling to find work. The short was selected for the Cannes Film Festival and he followed up with his directorial debut in Strays three years later.

500 Grams of Lean Protein

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Ever wonder what it takes to bulk up like the Vin? A lot of eating and a ton of protein – 500 grams to be exact. To give you an idea how much that is, you’d have to consume about 84 eggs a day or 7 pounds of steak to get your muscles Vin Diesel strong.  READ: Vin Diesel Get Emotional During Furious 7 Premiere

215 Pounds and 6’0

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To keep all 215 pounds toned and lean, he turns to a variety of workouts from powerlifting and high reps and even yoga and pilates.

33 Credits as an Actor

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We know him now as Dominic Torretto from The Fast and the Furious, but who could forget him in xXx, Pitch Black and Saving Private Ryan.

20 Years of Dungeons & Dragons

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Yes, we mean the video game. Vin Diesel is completely addicted and his obsession is so real, he even wrote the forward for the comparative book 30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons.

15, Age His Voice Broke

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Muscles aside, Vin’s known for his deep raspy voice. He said having such a deep voice at a young age caused a lot of confusion when he made phone calls, but it later paid off by landing him work on animated films such as The Iron Giant (1999).

14 Minutes Older

Credit: Facebook (Paul Vincent on right)

Ladies, there’s someone else in the world who has Vin’s genetic – Vin’s younger twin, Paul Vincent. By younger we mean 14 minutes younger.

10 Years of Bouncing

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His big build landed Vin steady work as a bouncer in New York City. He told Men’s Health magazine he had to train to look tough enough to keep troublemakers away.

8 Reps a Day Keeps the Fat Away

The things I’m going to do for my planet. The return of Xander Cage. A photo posted by Vin Diesel (@vindiesel) on

Eight is Vin’s magic number at the gym. He told Train magazine to make sure he tones every muscle, the repeats each exercise about eight times. And you thought three reps was tough.  READ: How Vin Diesel Gets Fit for Fast & Furious

7 is When He Made His Acting Debut – By Default

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Vin didn’t choose the acting life – it chose him. He made his acting debut in the children’s play Dinosaur Door after he and his friends were caught breaking into the New York Theater by the theater’s artistic director, Barbara Garson. The deal was she wouldn’t call the police if they’d play a part in the play.

3 Children

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Vin’s the proud papa of his three children with Mexican girlfriend Paloma Jiménez. They have one son, Vincent (4), and two daughters Hania Riley (6) and Pauline (1 month) whom was named after Paul Walker.

2 Shared Awards with Paul Walker

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Speaking of Paul, Vin has two MTV Movie Awards under his belt and both are shared with Paul Walker. Their first is for Best On-Screen Duo in The Fast and the Furious in 2002, and again in 2014 for Fast & Furious 6 in 2014. We agree, there’s no better duo than these two.

Turns Out A Lot Of The ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Cast Can Speak Fluent Spanish And We Are Impressed


Turns Out A Lot Of The ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Cast Can Speak Fluent Spanish And We Are Impressed

FilmArtsy / YouTube

With “Avengers: Endgame” topping box office charts, you might want to see the main cast try their hand at Spanish before you hit the theaters. Thanks to every good Latin reporter, we have clips of Tom Holland to Zoe Saldana speaking our tongue the best ways they know how.

Be warned. In this interview compilation provided by YouTube channel FilmArtsy, there is little to no context. Just Spanish. Disfrute.

Zoe Saldana is the picture (and sound) of beauty como siempre.

FilmArtsy / YouTube

Saldana starts off by saying, en Español, that “The last twenty years in U.S. have been very difficult, but also in Cuba…” She tells us how she loves playing such a decent, rich character who is skilled in her business.

Chris Hemsworth (a.k.a. Thor) gives us all the Spanish he knows. It’s not much and is totally random.

FilmArtsy / YouTube

He starts out by saying, “Buena suerte! Which means ‘good luck’ for all you English speakers out there, which is basically me because I’m not really that versed in Spanish. Or am I? Adios, gracias! Un cafe con leche por favor. Si. Buenas noches.”

Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier) and Anthony Mackie (The Falcon) play a similar game.

FilmArtsy / YouTube

“Corazon. Ay dios mio,” seems to be their response to the question of if they know Spanish. When the Latina reporter asks if that’s all the Spanish they know, they start shouting out random words. “Mas o menos. Fuego. Dulce. La película! Chocolate. Papi Chulo.”

Latino Michael Peña is known from “Ant-Man” and gives us a puro Spanglish interview.

FilmArtsy / YouTube

He’s fluent in Spanish but some words escape him like “prep school” and “priests.” Honestly, this is the most authentic way we have ever heard a Latino speak Spanish as an American.

Tom Holland (Spiderman) trying to guess Spanish words is an ego-booster we all need.

FilmArtsy / YouTube

This video has already gone viral once before, but his answer is too good not to share: “Oooh. Es–cute—Ella. Es-school-ah. Can I come back to that one? I think I do know what that is.”

Apparently, Jeremy Renner used to teach Spanish in high school.

FilmArtsy / YouTube

He tells the reporter that he understands what she’s saying but that he’s lost the motor skills he once had as a Spanish teacher. He then goes into teacher mode saying, “Escucha. Calmate. Chiquitica.”

Vin Diesel (Groot) is really into Nicky Jam.

FilmArtsy / YouTube

He asks the host, “Tu sabes Nicky Jam?” Immediately he gets up and starts dancing to Nicky Jam but is confused and starts calling out for the Puerto Rican singer.

“Nicky! Y que? Nicky Jam, y que? Donde está?” When the host says que “no está aquí,” Diesel laments, “Y por que?!”

The most shocking level of fluency was Gwyneth Paltrow.

FilmArtsy / YouTube

When asked what her favorite place is, she tells the reporter that she loved Liverpool when she was working there. But then she went to London and loved taking photos in front of Big Ben and had a lot of fun.

Baby Robert Downing Jr. was seen hosting a game show in Spanish?

FilmArtsy / YouTube

There is little to no context here and he did say “dee” instead of “de” so maybe this was back when they were hiring white people for Latin roles?

Tom Hiddleston takes on a classic Spanish tongue twister.

FilmArtsy / YouTube

Say “¿Cómo quieres que te quiera si él que quiero que me quiera no me quiere como quiero que me quiera?” three times fast. He didn’t do so bad!

Chris Pratt is still Chris Pratt in Spanish.

FilmArtsy / YouTube

“Muy buenas directes de español. *Knock Knock Knock* Hola a mi representa mechanical shop. Especial por treinta personas. Cuatro cambio de siete por veinte dólares. Bien si?”

I’m sorry, que que?

Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie singing Feliz Navidad seems like a good time.

FilmArtsy / YouTube

Anthony Mackie gives an enviously good Mexican trill at the end. Clearly, he is more connected to the culture than people might know.

Watch the whole video for yourself.

READ: This Clip Of Gamora Speaking Spanish On The Set Of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Would Have Made For A Better Twist

QUIZ: How FURIOUS are You?


QUIZ: How FURIOUS are You?

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