Vin by the Numbers

Universal is on pace to hit the $1 billion mark for the first time ever thanks to Furious 7 and it’s no secret Vin Diesel’s muscles helped carry Furious 7 to the top. Learn more about Vin’s influence and how he’s killing the competition, in numbers…

89,861,423 Fans… And counting

$75,000,000 Net Worth

Monday morning return… Dom state of mind. Always reflective.

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$3,000 for Vin’s Ticket to Stardom

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500 Grams of Lean Protein

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215 Pounds and 6’0

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To keep all 215 pounds toned and lean, he turns to a variety of workouts from powerlifting and high reps and even yoga and pilates.

33 Credits as an Actor

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We know him now as Dominic Torretto from The Fast and the Furious, but who could forget him in xXx, Pitch Black and Saving Private Ryan.

20 Years of Dungeons & Dragons

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Yes, we mean the video game. Vin Diesel is completely addicted and his obsession is so real, he even wrote the forward for the comparative book 30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons.

15, Age His Voice Broke

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Muscles aside, Vin’s known for his deep raspy voice. He said having such a deep voice at a young age caused a lot of confusion when he made phone calls, but it later paid off by landing him work on animated films such as The Iron Giant (1999).

14 Minutes Older

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Ladies, there’s someone else in the world who has Vin’s genetic – Vin’s younger twin, Paul Vincent. By younger we mean 14 minutes younger.

10 Years of Bouncing

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8 Reps a Day Keeps the Fat Away

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7 is When He Made His Acting Debut – By Default

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3 Children

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Vin’s the proud papa of his three children with Mexican girlfriend Paloma Jiménez. They have one son, Vincent (4), and two daughters Hania Riley (6) and Pauline (1 month) whom was named after Paul Walker.

2 Shared Awards with Paul Walker

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