VIDEO: What Happens When Robbers F*ck with an MMA Fighter? She Makes Them Cry

This is Monique Bastos. She’s 22 and lives in Acailandia, Brazil.

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She may look like the girl next door, but…

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She’s anything but basic.

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Truth is, she’s a certified badass.

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She’s a six-time MMA champ and a blue belt in jiujitsu.

So when two men tried to mug her for her phone, she responded the best way she knew how…

Credit: Go Tropa / YouTube

With a mean-ass chokehold. Toma!

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Monique, who didn’t even break a sweat, was like…

Credit: thequeenruntheworld / Tumblr

This dude didn’t stand a chance yelling, “socorro senhor” and “eu sou sujeito homem.”

Credit: Go Tropa / YouTube

Which translates to “help!” and “I swear I’m a good man.” Then he started yelling this was his first time mugging someone. Yeah, right ?.  We’re not sure if we believe that, but it’ll for sure be his last.

Watch her kick ass à la Ronda Rousey:

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