This Spacey Café Tacvba Song With Ranchera Vibes Will Get You Pumped For 2017

Credit: Café Tacvba / YouTube

Café Tacvba instantly cured our New Year’s Day cruda with a bright glimpse into the future.

The Mexican rockers rang in the first of the year with a brand new single titled “Futuro” and it feels like a much-needed slap to the face after 2016, which was a major buzzkill. “Futuro”, a hypnotic, optimistic track with elements of ranchera, couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

“The relationship between life and death and the perception of time are two themes that ‘Futuro’ explores without solemnity or optimism,” Quique Rangel, Café Tacvba’s bassist and vocalist, said in a press release. “But it also points to a brighter promise if we allow ourselves to recognize the here and now (without the desire to be a self-help song).”

“Futuro” is the second single from Café Tacvba’s forthcoming album, which is set to be released this spring. Last fall, the band released an enchanting single titled “Un Par de Lugares,” their first release in four years.

Café Tacvba is also scheduled to play at the House of Blues in Anaheim on March 9 and 10.

Listen To Café Tacvba’s First New Song In 4 Years

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