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This Man Murdered More Than 300 Little Girls And He Is Free To Roam South America

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One of the most infamous serial killers in the world is from South America. His name is Pedro Alonso López, and he murdered HUNDREDS of victims in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru during the ’70s. And guess what? He’s not locked up.

This is Pedro Alonso López, a.k.a. El Monstruo de los Andes.

Why is he a monster? He is believed to have killed around 300 young girls between the ages of 8 and 12, in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

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Credit: Biography / Serial Killers Red / YouTube

Most of his victims were of indigenous heritage. López’s crimes came to light in the 1980 after a landslide in Ecuador exposed the bodies of some of López’s earlier victims. The discovery prompted an investigation and search for more bodies by authorities.

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López preyed on the kindness of the young girls.

López would draw in his victims by posing as a salesman who was lost and needed help getting out of the area. He would lure the girls away from their family, rape them, then murder them. According to, López claimed he was committing the crimes to “help” the girls. He said he would kill them so they could go to heaven.

López was eventually captured in 1980, when he tried to lure a 12-year-old girl away from a market in Ecuador.

Merchants from the market saw him trying to get a young girl to leave the market with him just days after the mass grave of 53 girls was uncovered. The merchants cornered López and authorities arrested him. He confessed to the murder of 300 girls.

López was sentenced to 16 years in prison. Good behavior let to him serve just 14 years.


At the time, the maximum sentence in Ecuador for murder was 16 years (they didn’t allow consecutive sentences). So, 300 murders and he only served 14 years. He was released in 1994.

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López was free in Ecuador for an hour before he was arrested again. This time it was for illegal immigration. He was deported to his home country of Colombia.


In Colombia, López was eventually convicted of a 20-year-old murder. He was declared insane and spent time in a mental asylum before being declared sane and released again in 1998.

The current whereabouts of López are unknown at this time, although Interpol has called for his arrest in connection to a 2002 murder.

Praise Be To God
Credit: CLRevenge / YouTube

How is it that NO ONE knows where this man is?

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Admit It, THIS Is The Most Fun Part Of Ash Wednesday


Admit It, THIS Is The Most Fun Part Of Ash Wednesday

John Moore / Getty

When Ash Wednesday hits, a couple of things happen: you try to figure out what you’re going to give up for lent, and once you get your ash, you have to deal with weird looks from non-Catholics who have no idea why you’re walking around with charcoal smudge on your forehead.

But the most fun part of Ash Wednesday? Looking in the mirror to see what kind of smudge the priest hooked you up with.  Because no two smudges are the same:

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#AshWednesday #GetYourAshOn! #CrossVsBlob

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Sometimes it’s a long cross:

Sometimes it’s a tiny cross…

And sometimes it just looks like a “plus” sign.

Occasionally, you’ll get one that kinda looks like a ghost.

Or one that’s shiny and silver…

And other times, you’ll get a cross that runs a little.

Sometimes, you’ll get one that’s noticeable from far, far away…

And sometimes, you’ll get one that’s barely visible.

Yep, sometimes the ash looks like it was spray painted on…

And other times, it looks like THE BATMAN LOGO???

Pretty clear this last guy went to a comic book shop for his ash.

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