11 Things We Learned from the Movie ‘La Bamba’

La Bamba, the movie about the life and tragic death of singer Richie Valens, came out waaaaaay back in 1987. And the film, directed by Chicano theater legend Luis Valdez, STILL stands up today. If you haven’t seen it in a while, get on it and look for some of the not-so-obvious lessons the movie has to teach. Like…

You don’t have to be a Latino to play one in a movie.

Whoever cast Esai Morales as Bob Morales is a genius.

If you go for the bad boy, guess what you’re going to get?

Never underestimate a Latina mom. NEVER.

There’s always one pinche drunk in the crowd…

America couldn’t handle a Valenzuela.

When in doubt, go to Tijuana.

You might be a Valenzuela, but you’re still a pocho.

Wait, is that Los Lobos rockin’ pompadours?

You don’t have to speak Spanish to record a hit song in Spanish.

This movie is hella meme-worthy.

There’s this…

AND, of course, it gave us one of the greatest scenes in Latino movie history: