Young Girls Will Have New Role Models To Look Up To After The Launch Of This Women’s Pro Soccer League In Mexico

Mexico’s soccer federation, the Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación (FMF), announced it will launch a women’s pro soccer league in 2017. The league will be made up of 18 clubs that are currently in Liga MX, the country’s top men’s soccer division. That means popular Mexican teams such as Club América, Chivas, Pumas, Tigres, Monterrey, Toluca and Pachuca will be fielding professional women’s teams next year. The current mission of the league is to develop players for the women’s national team in Mexico, so no foreign players will be signed by the teams. Mexican-Americans who are dual nationals will be allowed to play in the league. In their effort to develop young talent, teams will only be made up of players who are 23 years old and younger.

“We want to strengthen the women’s league to nourish the national teams with stars,” said Liga MX president Enrique Bonilla in a press conference. Fans throughout Mexico expressed their joy upon hearing the news.

“I already want to spend my weekends watching the women’s Liga MX. Big news for those who love watching women’s soccer.”

“Women’s Liga MX. It almost seems like a dream. It’s too bad I’m 34, I spent the last 20 years waiting on something like this from the FMF.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, Mexico did it! They approved the creation of the women’s Liga MX!”

The league, which kicks off with a tournament in April, is scheduled to being regular league play in September.

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