The Pros And Cons Of Being A Latino At The Beach

As a Latino, summer is my favorite season of the year. After a cloudy winter and mild spring, summer rejuvenates my zest for life. And where better to enjoy the summer than at the beach? It’s as if my genes were designed specifically to spend my days there. But for everything I love about the beach, there are things I kind of hate, too. Don’t know what I mean? I’ll explain.

LOVE: The sun. The fun. The relaxation.

Credit: Salsa Split Croatia / YouTube

Nothing more relaxing than spending a day by the ocean.

HATE: I tan a little too fast.


Credit: Comedy Central UK / YouTube

I fell asleep on the beach for about an hour and walked away with this exact same tan line.

LOVE: If I don’t wear sunscreen, I still don’t burn!


Credit: FHE Fox Connect / YouTube

All day in the sun and I’m feeling fine!

HATE: I’m going to look like this in 10 years if I’m not careful.


Credit: Ripp Dem Up TV / YouTube

Anyone know where I can get SPF atomic blast?

LOVE: Sombreros.

Credit: TV Boobs  / YouTube

They’re stylish and they keep the sun out of your face!

HATE: This is what people expect when I wear one in public.

Credit: Mr ScumWhisperer / YouTube

The sombrero really has gotten a lot of bad publicity over the years.

Also, this is not a better alternative to a sombrero!

Credit: Back Yard Blasters / YouTube

Even Rihanna couldn’t make this umbrella hat work.

LOVE: After a few mojitos on the beach, I’m chill AF.

Credit: Kino Yoga / YouTube

One more mojito won’t hurt, right?

HATE: This is what “one more” mojito does to me after spending the entire day at the beach.

Credit: JDM Will / YouTube

If only I burned quickly like my other friends, I’d have left the beach long before getting to this stage!

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