Fact: A Latino Named Rafael Won this Year’s GOP Caucus in Iowa

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz made history at this year’s Iowa caucus. Not only did Cruz defeat Donald Trump, he became the first Latino in US history to win a presidential caucus/primary. Cruz, who was born in Canada to a Cuban father and an American mother, is definitely Latino. But after his historic victory, a familiar question about Cruz re-emerged on Twitter: “He’s Latino, but is he really Latino?”

This guy reminded everyone that Cruz’s first name is as Latino as it gets:

So, while some celebrated Cruz’s historic accomplishment:


Others were a bit more cynical about it:

This journalist wondered why Latino political organizations weren’t celebrating Cruz’s historic victory:

@Stella_Rouse opined that although Cruz may be Latino, he doesn’t look out for the best interests of Latinos:

@brittaufait explained why Cruz isn’t seen as the “Latino candidate”:


So, despite Cruz’s victory, Marco Rubio is seen as the stronger Latino GOP candidate:

But does that mean Latinos will flock to Rubio? Numbers whiz Nate Silver asked this naive question…

Several people let him know what we’ve been saying for years: All Latinos are NOT THE SAME.

Credit: @danimalpena / Twitter

So while this guy said he would vote for Rubio…

Others reminded Silver that Rubio being Cuban doesn’t mean he’ll get automatic support from other Latinos:

Credit: fresafresca3000 / Twitter

So, while Cruz made history, he has some work to do. There’s some people out there who didn’t even know Cruz was Latino:


But he may be winning some Latinos over:

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