Band-Aids Won’t Fix Bullet Holes but these Latinas Will Always Have Your Back

Selena Gomez, aka Taylor Swift BFF, has stuck by the country-turned-pop singer through breakups, makeups and awkward dancing. Selena is only about 10% of Taylor’s squad that drove teens to label her group as the ultimate in #SquadGoals. And while Zendaya and Lili Aldrige are cool, what Taylor really needs are more faster-to-have-your-back, save-you-before-you-step-out-looking-a-mess, salsa-groovin’ chicas in her squad.  This is how Tay can go from #SquadGoals to #UltimateSquadGoals…

The Touring Partner: Becky G

The Shopping Buddy with Impeccable Taste: Camila Cabello

Because… ?


The Travel Companion: Jackie Cruz


The Ride-Or-Die Amiga: Diane Guerrero


The Low-Key Girlfriend: Gina Rodriguez

The Mentor Mastermind: J.Lo

The Work-Out Buddy: Michelle Rodriguez

The Much-Needed Dance Instructor: Shakira

Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family / Diego Boneta / YouTube

The Relationship Therapist: Naya Rivera


The Drink: Horchata

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