How Sesame Street’s Maria Schooled Us on Dreaming Big

Sonia Manzano Sesame Street

Sonia Manzano’s Maria on Sesame Street taught us about healthy eating, coping with loss and most importantly how to be a great friend. We wish you only sunny days in your retirement, friend. Thank you for the life lessons.

Maria taught us girls are badass.

Maria Sesame Street
Credit: PBS

It’s never too late.  Maria’s ultimate dream was to go back to school and become an astronaut.

And that motherhood is not shameful.

Maria Sesame Street
Credit: PBS

Call her the #FreeTheNipple pioneer.  After marrying Luis, Maria embraced motherhood and made it socially acceptable to talk about breastfeeding.

Though they’re addictive, we need to chill on eating cookies.

Maria Sesame Street Health Revised
Credit: PBS

Ya, we all love ’em, but Maria helped us, and Cookie Monster, realize sometimes we can skip a cookie or five.

Maria was real, even if it was tough.

Credit: PBS

When Mr. Hooper passed away in 1983, Maria was bravely honest with Big Bird and all of us.

She taught us how to be the best BFF ever.

Maria Sesame Street
Credit: PBS

Whether it was fixing someone’s toaster or door knob or kissing a booboo better, Maria was someone people could always count.

And that speaking Spanish was cool.

Credit: jonnytbirdzback/Youtube

Gracias por todas enseñanzas, Maria.

What are some of your favorite Sesame Street memories with Maria? mitú wants to know. Leave a comment below.

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