Mexican Man Caught Stealing Trompo Meat from Taco Shop


Credit: MexNoticias/ YouTube

Taco Love Gone Too Far

One man’s hunger and deep love for tacos resulted in one of the best WTF?! moments caught on camera. Video footage recently surfaced of a man in Mexico City stealing, of all things, a trompo of el pastor meat from a small taco stand. Crazy right?

In the video, an unidentified man dressed in black clothing is seen slowly exiting a white car; he scouts the area and a few seconds later approaches the unattended taco stand, grabs the trompo, and drives away with the meaty bounty.

TBH, we have so many questions about this whole ordeal: does he already have tortillas at home? Was this for a party? Is there a black market for stolen trompo? How much is a whole trompo even worth? Is there even business insurance that protects against this type of theft?

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