This Latino Did Miguel’s ‘Adorn’ On ‘The Voice’ And He Absolutely Killed It

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Bryan Bautista was one of the standout performers this season of “The Voice” but the Team Christina singer’s run recently came to an end at the hands of viewers. Bautista was one of three singers battling it out for an “instant save” which would have kept him in the competition. The Dominican singer, who chose Miguel’s “Adorn,” pretty much killed it, prompting Christina Aguilera to urge America to vote for Bautista because he represents Latinos so well. Unfortunately, voters disagreed and Bautista was eliminated. At least Bautista, who is known for his smooth falsetto, went out on a high note (pun sorta intended).

Bautista was one of the final 10 contestants on season 10 of ‘The Voice.”

Credit: @whoisbryanb / Instagram

Just a few years ago, Bautista was working as an usher at Barclays Center in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 1.14.07 PM
Credit: NBA / TNT / YouTube

One night, Bautista was given the chance to sing the national anthem before a Brooklyn Nets game – and he killed it.

Credit: NBA / TNT / YouTube

Bautista left the crowd (and TV announcers) thoroughly impressed. And he did it while wearing his Barclays Center usher outfit.

Pumped from his newfound fame, Bautista auditioned for season 9 of “The Voice.” Unfortunately, no judges picked Bautista and he was eliminated.

Credit: @whoisbryanb / Instagram

But Bautista received words of encouragement from judges Pharrell and Adam Levine, who told him not to give up on his dream.

Bautista returned to audition on season 10, and his rendition of “The Hills” by The Weeknd got the attention of a few judges:

Credit: The Voice / YouTube

Christina Aguilera was the first to turn around for Bautista…

Credit: The Voice / YouTube

Which set off Bautista’s mom, who was watching backstage with her son and host Carson Daly.

Credit: The Voice / YouTube

Later, Blake Shelton turned around for Bautista.

Take a close look at the performance, and you’ll also see Adam Levine give Pharrell a total why-aren’t-you-turning-around-for-this-guy look.

Credit: The Voice / YouTube

Neither Levine or Pharrell turned around, but they recognized Bautista from his previous audition. Bautista thanked them for their words of encouragement.

Bautista eventually chose Christina Aguilera as his coach. He’s gone on a strong run with performances like this:

Credit: The Voice / YouTube

And this:

Credit: The Voice / YouTube

Bautista recently melted everyone’s heart when he dedicated his performance of “Just The Way You Are” to his younger sister.

Credit: The Voice / YouTube

Bautista’s sister couldn’t hold back the tears, and his mom was all smiles.

Credit: The Voice / YouTube

He later took to Instagram to wish his sister a happy 18th birthday.

Credit: @whoisbryanb / Instagram

Bautista’s public display of affection for his family is nothing new. On “The Voice,” Bautista has said his mother is his biggest inspiration.

Happy Mother's Day to my rock. To the strongest person I know.. I love you, Ma.

A photo posted by Bryan Bautista (@whoisbryanb) on

Credit: @whoisbryanb / Instagram

Bautista says his mother encouraged him to pursue a career in music after his season 9 audition. The 23-year-old quit his job and began taking vocal lessons in order to focus on music.

With the support of his family – and thousands of loyal “The Voice” viewers – Bautista had an impressive run.

Living a dream ? Make sure to tune in tomorrow evening! Top 11 performances at 8pm ET #TeamBryanBautista #VoiceTop11

A photo posted by Bryan Bautista (@whoisbryanb) on

Credit: @whoisbryanb / Instagram

After Bautista’s final performance, Pharrell gushed over the singer’s abilities and suggested that Jay-Z and Roc Nation sign Bautista to a deal.

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This Latino Has Been Killing It Since The Days Of ’Blade Runner’ and ‘Miami Vice’


This Latino Has Been Killing It Since The Days Of ’Blade Runner’ and ‘Miami Vice’

Actor and director Edward James Olmos has been fighting for DECADES to make Hollywood diverse. Before many of you were in diapers, tbh. He hasn’t just talked the talk either. Nope, he’s been a pioneer by selecting a wide range of roles that have showed off his acting chops. So, sure, some audiences may know him as the iconic Pachuco from “Zoot Suit,” or the gang leader from “American Me,” but he is impossible to typecast — because he’s pretty much played EVERY type. Check it out.

Gaff in “Blade Runner”

Credit: Bladerunner/Warner Bros.

In the 1982 science fiction classic directed by Ridley Scott, Olmos plays a longtime Blade Runner working with the LAPD to hunt down and destroy replicants hiding in Los Angeles. “Cityspeak,” the language that Gaff communicates in — a mixture of Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Hungarian and Japanese — was largely developed by Olmos.

Martin Castillo in “Miami Vice”

Lt. Castillo Edward James Olmos
Credit: Miami Vice/NBC

The stars of the show may have been Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas, who played the characters of Sonny Crocket and Ricardo Tubbs, but they answered to no-nonsense Detective Lieutenant Martin Castillo — the baddest badass on the show. Castillo was reserved, revered and didn’t need to raise his voice because he could make the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention with his steely glare. Olmos scored an Emmy and a Golden Globe for this role.

Jaime Escalante in “Stand and Deliver”

Olmos as Escalante
Credit: Stand and Deliver/Warner Bros

Olmos earned an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of Jaime Escalante, a high school math teacher who taught calculus to working-class students that everyone thought were just a bunch of soon-to-be dropout malcriados. And, of course, he taught us finger math.

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Pitmaster in “The Simpsons”

Olmos in The Simpsons
Credit: The Simpsons/Fox

Olmos made his debut on the longest-running U.S. animated series during season 27. On an episode entitled “Cue Detective,” Olmos voices the role of a wise and mysterious BBQ pit master who sells Homer a magical smoker. (No, it’s not the kind you put your weed in.) “Never been cooled down, never been cleaned — mixing meat, fat and smoke into pure magic,” says the man to Homer.

Admiral William Adama in “Battlestar Galactica”

William Adama
Credit: Battlestar Galactica/NBC Universal

Get this, the role of Admiral William Adama, the commanding officer of “Battlestar Galactica,” was actually written with Olmos in mind. Olmos absolutely killed it, becoming one of the series’ most beloved characters. For his portrayal of Adama, Olmos was also nominated for an ALMA Award, which recognizes the positive portrayal of Latinos in TV, film and music .

Virgil Sweet in “Talent for the Game”

Olmos Talent for the Game
Credit: Talent for the Game/Paramount Pictures

The character of a veteran baseball scout for the California Angels was perfect for Olmos given that one of his first aspirations in life was to become a professional baseball player. He was so good he even became Golden State batting champion.

Justice Roberto Mendoza in “The West Wing”

Olmos in The West Wing
Credit: The West Wing/NBC

On the first season of the political serial drama, Olmos played a jurist and an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court. On the show, he was appointed in 2000 — that’s a whole nine years before Sonia Sotomayor was appointed in real life.

Jess Gonzalez in “American Family”

American Family PBS
Credit: American Family/PBS

Finally, thanks to PBS, Latinos could see a dramatic series about an American family that resembles theirs on broadcast English-language TV. Olmos played the conservative patriarch who identified as “Spanish” rather than Mexican (insert eye-roll here). The thing is, we all know a man like him. Some of us are related to that man, and even though we don’t always agree with him, we love him because behind all that gruffness is a loving person.

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Julian Nava in “Walkout”

The Walkout Olmos as Nava
Credit: Walkout/HBO

Olmos directed and portrayed Julian Nava, the first Mexican-American to serve on the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education, in this HBO film about the 1968 East L.A. walkouts. The walkouts were a series of protests organized by Chicano students who were tired of being treated like crap.

Michael Axford in “The Green Hornet”

Olmos in The Green Hornet
Credit: The Green Hornet/Columbia Pictures

Wait, what?! A Latino actor in a comedic action-crime film gets to play a former-cop-turned-reporter at The Daily Sentinel instead of some kind of criminal or petty thug? Phew, how refreshing.

Robert Gonzales in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”

Olmos in Agents of SHIELD
Credit: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D/ABC Studios

On this comic book-inspired ABC show, Olmos played a high ranking S.H.I.E.L.D (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division) agent. Let’s face it, it’s still rare to see a Latino actor play the role of a leader in an organization that is meant to protect people.

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