Meet Some of the Latino Football Players Who Made NFL History

Before Ron Rivera became the second Latino head coach to lead a team to the Super Bowl, he was one of several Latino trailblazers in the NFL. But he wasn’t the only one! Lots of Latinos were under the radar for decades. Now’s the perfect time to look back at Latinos who made NFL history.

Tom Fears: From Guadalajara to the NFL Hall of Fame.

Jim Plunkett: Tom Flores wasn’t the only Latino Raider to win rings.

Joe Kapp: “The Toughest Chicano.”

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Martin Gramatica: Super Bowl-winning kicker.

Wait! Martin was not the only Gramatica to kick in the NFL.

Ted Hendricks: The Guatemalan with four rings.

Steve Van Buren: Honduras’ punishing halfback.

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Efren Herrera: From soccer player to Super Bowl champ.

Anthony Muñoz: The king of the trenches.

Riverboat Ron: From Super Bowl shuffle to dabbing in the big game.

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