Meet Lora Arellano, the Latina Makeup Artist Rihanna Swears By

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Lora Arellano is a certified Latina #girlboss. She inspires one million followers on Instagram with her rockabilly and edgy glam looks, is la jefa of her own makeup line and she’s also the makeup artist to Rihanna. Here’s how Arellano made her mark, lipstick and all, in the cosmetics world.

She started following her passion early on.

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CREDIT: Melt Cosmetics/ YouTube

During high school, Arellano figured out she was a natural at transforming her friends with makeup. She begged her dad to let her go to makeup school. When he granted her wish, this go-getter maximized her skills by learning studio effects and photography while taking makeup classes.

She went from behind the counter to front and center.

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CREDIT: Melt Cosmetics/YouTube

After she started working the makeup counter at Nordstrom, Arellano started to gain leadership experience as a manager — but her dreams were much bigger than a makeup counter could hold.

She made friends with business benefits.

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CREDIT: Melt Cosmetics/ YouTube

Arellano met her future makeup line co-partner Dana Bomar while working at Nordstrom. Both women wanted to start a makeup line and decided to launch one together after speaking over brunch.

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She put her artistry in a ‘gram…

While working as a makeup artist, Arellano started uploading her makeup looks on her personal Instagram page to the delight of her ever-growing fan base.

And that’s how she became homies with RiRi.

That's a wrap! Glam team & the boss lady. @yusefhairnyc @badgalriri I love you so much? #brooklyn #NY

A photo posted by Lora Arellano (@lora_arellano) on

Soon enough, one of Arellano’s biggest #fangirls on Instagram was Rihanna. RiRi was such a fan that she reached out to Arellano personally. Now Arellano has put eyeshadow and lipstick on Rihanna for everything from her global tours, to music videos, and more. She also has clients that include supermodels and artists such as Ciara.

Her makeup line looks good enough to eat.

It could be the name (melt) or the marketing ideas of lipstick cupcakes, but Arellano’s lipsticks and eyeshadows look delicious enough to sink our teeth into. Sorry wallet, but makeup is #bae. ??

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She still makes time for her fans.

Come meet myself , @danabomar & the team at @phame_xpo today ! Booth #425!! So amazing to meet you guys!!! Xoxo

A photo posted by Lora Arellano (@lora_arellano) on

Whether its #BadGirlRiRi or the girl next door, Arellano is always willing to take time to meet and greet her fans. She even writes cards for her customers’ makeup boxes! ? ?

She gives lots of credit to her muse, Gwen Stefani.

?? Bun-ny hairs ?

A photo posted by Lora Arellano (@lora_arellano) on

Arellano has said in interviews she digs Stefani’s fearless makeup look and we can see her channeling the cool girl vibe. Don’t you need to do a double take for this photo? Is it Stefani or Arellano?!

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She’s proud of her Latina roots.

Even with all the fame from being Rihanna’s personal makeup artist to the business of her makeup line, Arellano makes time to show off her Latina pride, whether it’s channeling Frida Kahlo or making an Insta collage of her fave drink, a Michelada. Our kind of lady.

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