Lora Arellano, the Latina Makeup Artist Rihanna Swears By

Lora Arellano is a certified Latina #girlboss. She inspires one million followers on Instagram with her rockabilly and edgy glam looks, is la jefa of her own makeup line and she’s also the makeup artist to Rihanna. Here’s how Arellano made her mark, lipstick and all, in the cosmetics world.

She started following her passion early on.

CREDIT: Melt Cosmetics/ YouTube

During high school, lora Arellano figured out she was a natural at transforming her friends with makeup. She begged her dad to let her go to makeup school. When he granted her wish, this go-getter maximized her skills by learning studio effects and photography while taking makeup classes.

lora arellanos went from behind the counter to front and center.

CREDIT: Melt Cosmetics/YouTube

After lora arellanos started working the makeup counter at Nordstrom, Arellano started to gain leadership experience as a manager — but her dreams were much bigger than a makeup counter could hold.

lora arellanos made friends with business benefits.

CREDIT: Melt Cosmetics/ YouTube

lora Arellano met her future makeup line co-partner Dana Bomar while working at Nordstrom. Both women wanted to start a makeup line and decided to launch one together after speaking over brunch.

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lora arellanos put her artistry in a ‘gram…


And that’s how she became homies with RiRi.


Her makeup line looks good enough to eat.


She still makes time for her fans.


She gives lots of credit to her muse, Gwen Stefani.


She’s proud of her Latina roots.


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