Have You Heard Oscar Isaac and Lupita Nyong’o Speak Spanish? They Just Did It in an Interview with Jorge Ramos

Stars Wars: The Force Awakens co-stars Lupita Nyong’o and Oscar Isaac are BFFs.

Nyong’o plays a character named Maz Kanata in the film.

Isaac is playing Poe Dameron, a pilot for the resistance.

Credit: Walt Disney Studios

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The co-stars recently showed off their Español during an interview on Jorge Ramos’s Al Punto. As usual, Ramos wasn’t there for small talk.

After an initial question about Star Wars, Ramos asked Nyong’o:

Nyong’o replied:

Credit: Al Punto / Univision.com

“I was born in Mexico and I grew up in Kenya… so I have have influences from Kenya as well as Mexico. I went to school in the United States, so that has also influenced me.”

Ramos then asked Isaac the same question:

Credit: Al Punto / Univision.com

“How do you define yourself, Oscar? Do you consider yourself Guatemalan-American? Cuban-Guatemalan-American? Does it matter?”

Isaac replied:

Credit: Al Punto / Univision.com

Full quote: “Pues, soy un ciudadano del mundo, primero. Pero la verdad es que culturalmente, soy Americano. Me crié en los Estados Unidos. Para mi, ser Americano es tener toda esa cultura. Es tener las raíces de todos esos lados… ser Americano no es solo una cosa.”

“Well, first off I’m a citizen of the world. But the truth is that I’m American. I was raised in the United States. For me, being American means having all of those cultures. It’s having roots from all those places… being American isn’t being just one thing.”

Nyong’o and Isaac also spoke with Ramos about the languages they speak at home, Isaac’s desire to visit Cuba and the importance of the Star Wars in popular culture. Watch the full interview here.

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