đŸ€© You Have To Hear Kali Uchis Slay This Classic Latino SongđŸ€©

She knows how to modernize a classic while keeping its soul.

Colombian-American singer Kali Uchis has already proven that she is a musical treasure, with some great songs and a well-developed aesthetic. She may appear to be a bubblegum princess, but she has such soul and bite in her music that it’s hard not to love her. Well, she just proved it again.

This time, Kali Uchis took a chance at singing the classic bolero “Sabor A Mi” by Álvaro Carrillo, and she totally owned it. There are LOTS of versions of the song — Los Panchos, Luis Miguel and El Chicano are a few of the most popular  — so taking it on is no easy task. Now, this isn’t your typical cover where the artist tried to make something completely new out of something already great. Oh no! Uchis uses her soulful and sultry voice to perfectly capture the essence of “Sabor A Mi” while adding a personal touch. It’s incredible. Take a listen.

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