After Attending A Gay Friend’s Wedding, Jenni Rivera’s Sister Says She Made A Mistake

Remember Rosie Rivera, the younger sister of the late Jenni Rivera?

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She was most recently a cast member on a Housewives-esque reality series titled “Rica Famosa Latina.”

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That’s her in the middle.

Well, Rivera recently attended the wedding of family friend Elena Jimenez.


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Jimenez was very close with Jenni Rivera…


Credit: @elenajimenezoficial / Instagram

She even appeared on Jenni Rivera’s reality series, “I Love Jenni.”

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But after the wedding, Rivera released a video apologizing to her followers for attending the wedding. Why? Because Jimenez is gay.

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Why would you have to apologize for that?

Rivera, a devout Christian, told her followers she made a mistake by attending the wedding.

Credit: Rosie Rivera / YouTube

She says it’s not gay people she has a problem with, it’s their lifestyle.

Credit: Rosie Rivera / YouTube

And she pledges to no longer attend a gay weddings in the future.

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“Probably” shouldn’t have gone? Sounds like she’s still having an inner debate about it.

Rivera says she’s not trying to change anyone’s mind.

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She then goes on to ask people to stop “badgering” her about her beliefs. Rivera, whose late sister has a large gay fan base, closes the video by letting gay people know she *truly* understands what they’re going through.

Watch the full video:

Credit: Rosie Rivera / YouTube

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