The Responses To This Meme Were Hilarious AND On Point

Last month, Twitter user @negansvoid sparked a heated debate with a single tweet about Kylie and Kendal Jenner:

When asked to name a “more iconic duo,” the Internet replied: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Of course, the replies were hilarious. A certain ogre and donkey made an appearance…


Along with a pair of famous step brothers.

Then someone took it even further*:

*I’m no Kardashian expert, but isn’t the iconic Kardashian trio actually Kim, Kourtney and Khloe?

So we posted our reply:



And you guys (via our Facebook comments) knocked it out of the park with more responses. There was the Latino discipline starter pack:

mitú / Facebook
CREDIT: mitú / Facebook


This trio from a familiar neighborhood…

mitú / Facebook
CREDIT: mitú / Facebook


The three most important things every bathroom needs…

mitú / Facebook
CREDIT: mitú / Facebook


And a new trio that recently emerged but is nevertheless iconic.

mitú / Facebook
CREDIT: mitú / Facebook


Over on Twitter, @ohharianna suggested a trio of vatos locos:


The residents of Bikini Bottom were also submitted for consideration.


Beyonce’s original squad was reunited…



And a trio of young upstarts also got a shout out.


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