12 Latinos that Made History with Skateboards

Latino skateboarders have been killing it the last few years: Leo Romero, Vincent Alvarez, Stevie Perez, Furby, the list goes on. But it’s nothing new – Latino skaters have been influencing the skate scene since its resurgence in the ’70s. Here are just a few of the many Latinos who put it down.

The Eccentric Genius: Mark Gonzales

Credit: adidas Skateboarding / YouTube

The Magnetic Enigma: Paulo Diaz

The Guys Who Put “Street” in Street Skating: Fabian Alomar & Joey Suriel

Fabian Alomar


Joey Suriel

The Immigrant who Made Skating His Home: Chico Brenes

The Pioneer Turned Entrepreneur: Stacy Peralta

The Rockstar on a Skateboard: Tony Alva

The Skater Who Rode to His Own Tune: Tommy Guerrero

The Manic Hispanic: Ray “Bones” Rodriguez

The Venice Beach O.G.: Jesse Martinez

The Guy Who Skated Just Like You: Ben Sanchez


The Prodigy Turned Superstar: Paul Rodriguez

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