Selena, Walter Mercado and El Chavo are All Illuminati, Here’s Proof

For years, some of your favorite singers, actors and politicians have been accused of being members of the ILLUMINATI, the secret society that pretty much rules the world (look it up).  The JFK assassination? Illuminati did it. The moon landing? Illuminati staged it. Kanye’s interruption of Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs? Illuminati ritual. Do enough digging around the Internet and you’ll find “proof” that your fav celebs are Illuminati. Celebs like:

Lady Gaga…

Credit: mediaexposed.tumblr.com

How did you not notice that OBVIOUS pentagram?


Credit: mediaexposed.tumblr.com

And all this time you thought you were throwing up the Roc-A-Fella sign.

And Katy Perry.

Credit: katy-perry-pics.blogspot.com

Did you think you were going get away with those triangle earrings, Katy Perry?

Guess what, though: they’re not alone. There are several Latinos who were (and still are) part of the Illuminati. It’s just that no one was looking closely enough.  Here’s some damning evidence that’ll make your stomach turn:

Hey Daddy Yankee, you’re BUSTED!

AHA! Your secret is out, J.Lo!

Believe it or not, El Chavo del Ocho was also down with the Illuminati.

We should have seen this one coming. SMH, Walter Mercado.

Say it ain’t so, Selena!

Nooo, Cantinflas, not you too!

What?! Celia Cruz, too?!

The new generation of Latino Illuminati is everywhere. Take a closer look at Lionel Messi.


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