“House Of Mayhem” Seeks To Bring More LGBTQ Representation To Your Screen

Fans of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” will recognize a couple of familiar faces among the cast of “House of Mayhem,” a new series about the families we create for ourselves. Currently, the show–which co-stars actress Carmen Carrera and drag queen extraordinaire Ginger Minj (both of whom are Latinx!)–is seeking crowdfunding via Seed & Spark.

Based on the GLAAD Award-nominated play “Auntie Mayhem” by playwright David Pumo, the show, inspired by Pumo’s own work with LGBTQ teens, follows three teens (Dennis, Ivan and Epiphany) after they’re turned away by their own families and forge a new one with fashion photographer Felony Mayhem and his husband, Bobo. (I mean, the names alone…) The series is directed by Henry Alberto, who shares that his work aspires “to speak the untold, and to honor the outcast and ignored.”

Credit: House of Mayhem / Seed & Spark

Ginger Minj plays Charlotte, a drag star and friend of Felony’s who isn’t exactly the kids’ biggest fan:

And Carmen Carrera plays Farrah, a social worker who advocates on behalf of at-risk LGBTQ teens:

Credit: House of Mayhem / Seed & Spark

Donation incentives for the show’s fundraising efforts range from gratitude and credit on their official website, to having a character named for you and even a special “brought to you by” credit on an episode.

Here’s a lil’ sneak peek of what you can expect from the show:

Credit: House of Mayhem / Vimeo

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