Here’s Why Sofia Vergara’s Golden Globes Joke Rubbed People The Wrong Way

When does self-deprecation cross the line and become self-degradation? We’re asking ourselves that question after Sofia Vergara’s recent appearance at the 2017 Golden Globes.

When Vergara took the stage Sunday night, she proceeded to perform a bit that induced lots of eye-rolls on social media. Here’s what the highest-paid actress on TV said:

“The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has an anal tradition. I didn’t mean — they have an anus tradition. They have a tradition that they do every year of choosing a second-generation performer to assist in the presentation of the awards.”

She meant to say “annual.” Get it?

In a vacuum, the joke isn’t a big deal. Vergara is Colombian and English is her second language. Kinda makes sense, right? Except the English-is-my-second-language-so-I’m-going-to-‘hilariously’-screw-up-the-pronunciation-of-several-words-because-I-don’t-know-any-better-joke isn’t something completely unique to Vergara’s personal story. For those who have been following Latinx performers in Hollywood for decades, it’s pretty much the go-to joke for writers dealing with foreigners who have an accent — especially those from Latin America. Even the YouTube video embedded above is titled “Funny Golden Globes Blooper” because the person who uploaded it apparently couldn’t fathom Vergara being in on the joke.

Vergara didn’t write the bit, but she agreed to do it. Why? Presumably, Vergara felt it was a joke that could just as well been delivered by Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, the character she plays on “Modern Family.” On the show, Delgado-Pritchett is a trophy wife who often loses things in translation. But if you watch enough episodes of the show, it becomes clear her character has more depth that what you see on the surface.

Credit: ABC
CREDIT: Vergara on Modern Family       Credit: ABC

That’s where people take issue with the bit Vergara performed. She’s not Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, but it appears she’s repeatedly expected to play that role in real life. When Vergara must constantly deliver jokes about her accent — or her appearance — we only get to see a caricature of a Latina. In real life, Vergara is an immigrant. For many years, she was a single mother. She’s a cancer survivor. She’s been nominated for four Emmys and currently reigns as the highest-paid actress on TV. She’s more than a “funny” accent.

Just a few days ago, a young Latina named Perla Nation shared a story about her father, who was inspired by Diego Luna’s role in Rogue One. Luna, who plays a rebel intelligence officer named Cassian Andor, kept his Mexican accent for the role. Nation said it made her father proud to see someone with an accent just like his starring in a major motion picture. The story went viral.

For many, it seemed like a turning point in how Hollywood could represent someone with an accent. It felt like progress. Vergara’s joke at the Golden Globes felt like a step back.

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The Los Angeles Dodgers Are Playing In The World Series And People Are Excited


The Los Angeles Dodgers Are Playing In The World Series And People Are Excited

Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The World Series is still happening despite Covid because baseball just can’t be held down. The Dodgers are playing their first World Series game today and fans are so excited to finally get some more baseball in their lives.

The World Series is here and Los Dodgers are playing their first game.

Baseball is America’s pastime and few teams have a fanbase as energized as The Dodgers. Ask any Dodgers fans about how difficult it is to get to the stadium and their commitment to the team is clear. It is not anywhere accessible by public transportation so you really have to want it.

People are super energized to celebrate and support their team.

The Dodgers made it to the championship game against the Houston Astros in 2017. The Dodgers lost to the Astros that year but three years later the Astros had the title stripped because of a cheating scandal. Now, The Dodgers have a chance to make win a title and Dodgers fans are excited to see it happen.

Even the furry fans are getting excited about the games.

It’s a fact that if a team has furry fans then they have the best fanbase. Who doesn’t want to end up at a stadium or party with these cute fluffers walking around in their Dodgers’ gear? These four-legged fans are better than child fans because they are going to get everyone’s spirits up.

The team has a lot of big names behind them cheering them on.

Los Angeles is home to some of the top celebrities and athletes. It must be nice to know that some of the most influential people are out there pushing for you to make it all the way. Bonus points if they are other athletes who know just how exciting and hard it is to compete at the elite level.

Let’s go, Dodgers!

The Dodgers play the Tampa Bay Rays tonight at 5:11 PST. Be sure to tune in and cheer for your favorite baseball team as they try for the championship again.

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Netflix Finally Gave Us The Release Date For “Selena: The Series” And Fans Can’t Wait


Netflix Finally Gave Us The Release Date For “Selena: The Series” And Fans Can’t Wait

contodonetflix / Twitter

One of the most popular and cathartic things to do in the time of Covid is to binge watch shows on streaming platforms. Why drag something out when you can watch an entire season in a day? Well, Selena fans now have one more thing to binge after Netflix announced the release date for “Selena: The Series.”

The world will forever change after Dec. 4.

Netflix is finally releasing the highly anticipated show “Selena: The Series” and we are so stoked to finally see it. The show has been on the radar of Selena fans everywhere since it was announced in 2018. We have all patiently waited for two years to finally see this show.

This is not a drill. This is not a prank. This is a gift from the entertainment deities who want to make sure that we all have something to make these hard times better. All you need is access to a Netflix account, doesn’t matter whose, and the enduring love for Selena that most of us have.

People are marking their calendars for a big day in entertainment.

That’s right. Netflix is releasing “Selena: The Series” and Disney+ is releasing “Mulan” for Disney+ subscribers at no extra charge after trying to rent it for $30 through the app. Dec. 4 is gearing up to be one of the most exciting days for people who just don’t want to leave the house during the current Covid pandemic. What a time to be a live, huh?

Netflix knows exactly what they are doing by releasing this show.

This show is approved by the Quintanilla family so there is that. This show was announced at the same time that Telemundo announced that the Spanish-language network was releasing their own series “El Secreto De Selena.”

The Telemundo show was based on the book written by journalist María Celeste Arrarás. The family has vehemently denied the accusations made in the book multiple times and Telemundo’s decision to make the series, which aired in 2018, angered viewers.

We have been promised a story about Selena that we have not seen in the past.

The Netflix series will not be rehashing what we have already seen. We know the story of Selena’s musical rise and tragic death thanks to “Selena” with J.Lo.

“Selena: The Series” is going to be showing us the life of a young Selena before the fame and musical career. It is truly amazing that after all of these years, there are still new stories to be told about Selena and her important place in American Latino history.

“Before she became the Queen of Tejano Music, Selena Quintanilla was a young girl from Texas with big dreams and an even bigger voice,” reads the description of the show. “The two-part coming-of-age drama ‘Selena: The Series’ explores the once-in-a-generation performer’s journey as a young artist, from singing small gigs in Corpus Christi with her family to becoming one of the most successful Latin artists of all time — and the years of grit and sacrifice the Quintanilla family navigated together before Selena’s meteoric rise to fame.”

So, mark your calendars and gather your loved ones.

This day should be a holiday as we all know that Selena is one of the greatest unifiers in the Latino community. We still sing her songs to this day and her legacy is being passed down to younger Latinos. Selena gave us representations before we knew we wanted and needed it.

It’s like we can already hear those old-school Selena y Los Dinos songs playing in our heads. Dec. 4 can’t get here fast enough and that’s a fact.

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