Puerto Rico’s ‘Standing Funeral’ Trend Is Real And It’s Completely Legal

Funerals aren’t known for being fun. Even when people say they want to ‘celebrate’ someone’s life, most of the time, funerals are gloomy events. Well, in Puerto Rico, there’s a trend that eschews the idea that funerals should be somber and cold.

In a move to liven up funeral ceremonies, Marin Funeral Home in Puerto Rico began organizing “standing funerals,” which let loved ones hang out with the deceased as they remembered them in life. Instead of looking at a casket, the deceased may be standing, sitting or even playing poker. Gives a whole new meaning to the word “wake.”

People first caught on to the trend in 2008, when Angel Luis “Pedrito” Pantojas Medina stood at his wake for three days.

Image Credit: Funeraria Marin /

According to El Nuevo Día, Pantojas said he always wanted to be on his feet, even at his funeral. His family wanted to honor his wish and the Marin Funeral Home made their request a reality. The community was so impressed, a trend was born.

David Morales Colón’s family took it one step further, having his body embalmed and then placed on his Honda motorcycle.

Image Credit: Funeraria Marin/

In life, Colon told his family he didn’t want a traditional funeral – so they immortalized the late motorcycle enthusiast on his bike. Everyone agreed it was incredibly lifelike and was as though he were still riding through the streets. He was not, however, buried with the bike, which was valued at $14,000.

Then came this paramedic, who wanted to be remembered as he served in life.

Image Credit: Funeraria Marin/

Edgardo Velázquez, requested his family honor his occupation at his funeral. Marin honored his wishes by displaying his uniform-clad body in an ambulance, thus celebrating his life’s work.

This man was seated cross-legged as a tribute to his hero.

Image Source: Funeraria Marin/

A soldier in life, Carlos Cabrera revered Che Guevara. In death, his family dressed him like Guevara and had him seated cross-legged with a cigar in his hand, just like his hero.

Christopher Rivera was decked out in his fight gear.

Image Source: Funeraria Marin/

Rivera wanted to be remembered for his boxing skills, so Marin spent hours creating a fake boxing ring for his wake. He was also dressed in boxing gloves, trunks and boxing shoes.

Renato Garcia wanted to go out like a superhero.


Image Source: Funeraria Marin/

Renato Garcia loved wearing his Green Lantern costume around town so much that his family chose to remember him as the superhero. Talk about a super fan!

And Georgina Chervony Lloren wanted to attend her own funeral service as a guest.

Credit: Funeraria Marin/

Sitting in her rocking chair and surrounded by flowers, Georgina Chervony Lloren wore her wedding dress to her funeral, just as she wished. What a way to go out!

Although other funeral directors have called the practice “sacrilegious,” Funeraría Marin knows they’ve struck a chord with local families. So much so, that they’re keeping their signature embalming process a total secret. Is it legal? Yes. According to the Washington Post, Puerto Rico’s Department of Health has looked into the process and concluded no law has been broken.

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A White Supremacist Was Almost a Donald Trump Delegate


A White Supremacist Was Almost a Donald Trump Delegate

Since launching his campaign, white supremacists have been very explicit about their support for Donald Trump. Thanks to what the Trump camp calls a database error, one of the most prominent advocates of white nationalism almost had a chance to be a delegate for Trump at the upcoming Republican National Convention.

The Trump campaign picked William Johnson, a well-known white supremacist as a delegate.

Credit: American Freedom Party/YouTube

On Tuesday, Mother Jones, a progressive nonprofit media company, reported that the Trump campaign had sent a list of the 169 handpicked delegates to California’s secretary of state. Among those names was William Johnson, leader of the American Freedom Party, a group that’s “dedicated to the interests vital to the preservation and continuity of ethnic European communities within the United States.” In other words, they’re a group that’s afraid that white European culture in America is being destroyed by the likes of brown people.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups in the United States, has written extensively on Johnson and his party.

William Johnson was behind the pro-Trump “don’t vote for the Cuban” robocall.

Credit: Talking Points Memo/Soundcloud

Johnson was excited to have been picked as a delegate.

Credit: No YOU’RE Out Of Order/ Tumblr/Giphy

“I just hope to show how I can be mainstream and have these views,” Johnson told Mother Jones. “I can be a white nationalist and be a strong supporter of Donald Trump and be a good example to everybody.”

That excitement was short lived. The Trump campaign immediately disavowed Johnson and said that his selection was a mistake.

Credit: @CandaceSmith_/ Twitter

The Trump campaign issued the above statement the same day the Mother Jones story broke. That explanation, however, doesn’t match up with emails Mother Jones published in a followup post that clearly show Johnson and a Trump rep communicating with each other as recently as Monday, suggesting that poor Johnson was thrown under the bus quicker than you could say “White Power!”

Trump’s campaign tried to get Johnson’s name off the list, but they missed the deadline.

Credit: @CandanceSmith_/Twitter

Womp womp.

Although still technically a Trump delegate, Johnson has said repeatedly that he is resigning from his position. He also went on CNN to talk about his unwavering support of Trump.

Credit: CNN/YouTube

On Wednesday, Johnson appeared on CNN to further absolve the Trump camp of this whole debacle. In his interview, the white supremacist told Jake Tapper that Donald Trump is “the real deal” and is still behind the GOP frontrunner. He just, you know, won’t be in Cleveland. Even if we give Trump the benefit of the doubt and take his claim that this was all a clerical error, it doesn’t take away from the fact that white supremacists like Johnson and David Duke are coming out to support Trump. Also, we’re not saying that all Trump supporters are white supremacists, but we think it’s a fair thing to say that most white supremacists are voting for Trump, and something tells us that it isn’t because of the candidate’s tax plan.

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