Dominicana-Boricua Melanie Martinez Shows You the Dark Side of Pop

This is pop singer Melanie Martinez.


She may dress like a doll…


But she’s not all sunshine and rainbows.


Just listen to her lyrics.


Martinez found her voice by being on TV.

She built an audience with her distinctive vocals.

Credit: Manow Contento / YouTube

Martinez’s breathy vocals helped her give songs like “Seven Nation Army” a fresh vibe. By the time Martinez was eliminated – she performed The Show by Australian singer-songwriter Lenka – she had already become a fan favorite.

Then she spread her wings.

She’s got a style all her own.


Martinez says it isn’t an act.


Her upbringing shaped her sound and lyrics.


She’s also got an eye for photography.


Two years ago, she began spreading her message across the country.

And then she went even more dark.

Martinez knows what it’s like to party alone.

She’ll shed a few tears on her new album.

Can’t see her live? No llores.


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