Are These Real “Caso Cerrado” Episodes Or Are We Messing With Your Head?

If you’ve ever watched a few minutes of the TV court series “Caso Cerrado,” you know there’s always some wild s**t going down. The cases are so ridiculous that the judge, Dra. Ana María Polo, usually spends every episode alternating between a state of shock…

Credit: Telemundo
CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo

And yelling at the participants for being so damn weird/dumb/disrespectful.

Credit: Telemundo
CREDIT: Credit: Telemundo

And no matter how bizarre the episodes get, you’ll have a tough time convincing your parents (or grandparents) that it’s all scripted. “She’s a lawyer, it’s gotta be real,” is the familiar refrain. Well, just how crazy do the episodes get? How about you go through this list of episodes and see if you can distinguish between actual episodes and episodes that we made up?

Mexican President Peña Nieto Accused Of Plagiarizing His Law Thesis


Mexican President Peña Nieto Accused Of Plagiarizing His Law Thesis

Credit: Noticieros Televisa / YouTube

Enrique Peña Nieto, current president of Mexico, is confronting claims he plagiarized large portions of his law degree thesis.

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According to a report by Aristegui Noticias, nearly 29 percent of his total thesis was lifted from other works without proper citation. To put that number into context, the amount he plagiarized is higher than his current approval rating, which is a paltry 23 percent.

The thesis, titled “Mexican Presidentialism and Alvaro Obregon,” apparently repurposed several passages from a variety of authors, including President Miguel de la Madrid, who was Mexico’s 52nd president in the 1980s.

His already embarrassingly low approval rating is probably why this latest controversy will likely have no affect on his reputation.

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People already expect the worst of Peña Nieto. Since taking office, the Mexican president has weathered his share of scandals and public blunders. He’s basically admitted he rarely reads, he and his wife have had dubious contract negotiations, and his inaction in the case of 43 missing Ayotzinapa students has led to widespread criticism. His old school sexism is just the cherry on top — so this kind of behavior is almost expected of him at this point. His gaffes are so frequent that they’ve become a national joke.

There’s even a website devoted to the current number of days Enrique has gone since his last public mistake.

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The most alarming thing here is that Enrique is a real-life president of an actual country.

Watch a report from Aristegui Noticias here:

Credit: Aristegui Noticias / YouTube

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