An Ode To Plantains, Banana’s Much Cuter Cousin

It’s time to celebrate the beautiful plantain. It’s both a food staple and a special treat — a taste of home that is, unfortunately, way too underrated. Let’s change that:

Of course, there are classic maduros:

Credit: Instagram / restaurantlalechonera

A lil’ sweet, a lil’ savory, a lil’ crisp, a lil’ silky.

And if you prefer them crunchy, there are always mariquitas:

Credit: Instagram / croquetasandgrits

Served with mojo, of course.

No meal is complete without crisp, salty tostones:

Credit: Instagram / mychibelle

Great, now I’m drooling.

Or cover a giant patacón with a lil’ bit of everything:

Credit: Instagram / emma_cladera

Shredded beef, chicken, pork, avocado, salsita… Hell, top it with caviar if that’s the life you’re living.

If you’ve never had patacón zuliano, you’ve never really lived:


Credit: Instagram / daierys

Sandwich + patacón = bliss

Whip it up for breakfast in mangú form:

Credit: Instagram / chefleandrodiaz

< extreme Little Mermaid voice > “I want moooore!”

There are few things more delicious (or fun to scream) than MOFONGO:

Credit: Instagram / mealprepmondays

Prepping them in advance for lunch is a stroke of genius, too.

And mini mofongo cups make the perfect hors d’oeuvres:

Credit: Instagram / cocinando27

Oh you fancy, huh?

…Or you can always THINK BIG:


Credit: Instagram / remolachanet

More for everyone.*


Or maybe you call it fufu and serve it with a side of MORE PLANTAINS:

Credit: Instagram / markanthonycerda

Because no decent meal consists of anything less than three forms of plantain.

Drizzle them with cremita for a satisfying snack:

Credit: Instagram / monse_campos96

It’s *sobs* just so beautiful!

Or try Salvadoran empanadas for a perfect dessert:

Credit: Instagram / cercarcar

Have these with a cafesito and, boom, you’re set.

And did you know plantains can sing?

Credit: Instagram / cecilialasso

The most beautiful song in the world.

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What’s your favorite way to eat platanitos?

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