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Reports Of Alleged Behind-The-Scenes Sexual Harassment At Estrella TV


Estrella TV, a Spanish language network based in Los Angeles, has often been criticized for its racy programming. Women on game shows are treated like objects and female hosts often present sensational news while dressed in revealing outfits.

However, these on-air antics pale in comparison to the sexual harassment that has taken place behind the scenes for more than a decade, Variety reports.

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For many years, Andres Angulo, the Vice President of News at Estrella TV, has allegedly subjected women to behavior that has been described as “shameless and disgusting,” including engaging them in lewd conversations and forcing himself on female co-workers. Many female co-workers reported his behavior to human resources, but their complaints often led to little action, and in once case, an anchor was fired after reporting the sexual harassment. Despite mounting accusations, Angulo has continued working behind the scenes as Vice President of News, which has created a tense environment for the women working with him.

Estrella TV news anchor Karla Amezola had enough of Angulo’s behavior and took matters into her own hands.

After years of being on the receiving end of Angulo’s sexual harassment, Amezola secretly started recording their conversations. According to Variety, the tapes include extremely graphic sexual talk from Angulo. While the recordings are inadmissible in a court of law, the hours of audio gave her lawyers “irrefutable evidence” of the Angulo’s harassment.

Amezola told Forbes she knew she was putting her job in jeopardy by coming forward: “While I know the lawsuit might hurt my ability to get hired again in this industry, I made the decision to file a lawsuit in order to stop the harassment and to encourage others in my situation to do the same.”

In September 2016, Amezola’s lawyers told Forbes, “We are very confident in the evidence that we have and feel that we do not need much more than what is already in our possession.”

To read more details about Amezola’s story, check out the full reports from Variety and Forbes.

[H/T] Variety: Inside the Sexual Harassment Scandal Plaguing a Latino TV Network

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