Admit It, THIS Is The Most Fun Part Of Ash Wednesday

When Ash Wednesday hits, a couple of things happen: you try to figure out what you’re going to give up for lent, and once you get your ash, you have to deal with weird looks from non-Catholics who have no idea why you’re walking around with charcoal smudge on your forehead.

But the most fun part of Ash Wednesday? Looking in the mirror to see what kind of smudge the priest hooked you up with.  Because no two smudges are the same:

Sometimes it’s a long cross:

Sometimes it just looks like a “plus” sign.


And sometimes it’s a tiny cross

Occasionally, you’ll get one that kinda looks like a ghost.

Or one that’s shiny and silver…

And other times, you’ll get a cross that runs a little.

Sometimes, you’ll get one that’s noticeable from far, far away…

And sometimes, you’ll get one that’s barely visible.

Yep, sometimes the ash looks like it was spray painted on…

And other times, it looks like THE BATMAN LOGO???

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