9 Times Cristela Alonzo Was Everyone’s Soulmate

Cristela Alonzo is the kind of funny that makes your belly hurt from laughing so much. Which is precisely why she is everyone’s soulmate. The stand-up comedian, writer and actress is a badass queen, and we’re crushing on her every day.

Here are nine times Cristela made all of us fall in love with her:

1. When she did this amazing dance move:

Credit: TBS

Get it, girl! Could honestly watch this over and over.

2. When she was honest about her life:

Credit: ABC

She is inspiring to so many, and especially those with big dreams.

3. And when she kept it real about her upbringing:

Credit: ABC

Most celebs can often seem totally unrelatable, but Cristela keeps it real and is honest about her beginnings and how hard she worked to get to where she is today.

4. When she chugged this beer like a boss:

Credit: ABC

YAAAS. All hail the power of a cold beer.

5. When she dropped this truth bomb:

Credit: ABC

Good LAWD! This woman is fire, and she’s so real. She knows the Latino struggle.

6. And then when she was all ABOUT dropping that truth bomb:

Credit: ABC

Is it too late to get her to run for office? Personally, we think her and Hillary would be a dope pair.

7. When she said this about nicknames:

Credit: Comedy Central

And if we know one thing, it’s that Latinos love nicknames.

8. When she kept it real about scales:

Credit: Comedy Central

Can’t. Breathe. Dying.

9. When she made our hearts rejoice by saying this:

Credit: TBS

Cristela’s humor is so spot-on and we love this woman so much.

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