7 Problems Brazil NEEDS to Handle Before the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics

Brazil is set to make history this summer by being the FIRST South American country to host the Summer Olympic Games. But it’s got A LOT of work to do, and just like the World Cup in 2014, the upcoming Olympics are exposing lots of Brazil’s domestic issues. Here’s what Brazil is battling before Rio 2016:

1. Rio de Janeiro’s disgusting water problem.

2. Catching up on those damn bills.

3. Getting a handle of their Zika outbreak before all Brazilians suffer.

4. Speaking of Zika, the Brazilian government is in for a very hard fight if they want to eradicate their problem mosquitos before the summer games.

5. The Brazilian government needs to get a handle on its economy.

6. Brazilian sports officials should be focused on cleaning up and revamping other projects before building anew.

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