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7 Problems Brazil NEEDS to Handle Before the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics

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Brazil is set to make history this summer by being the FIRST South American country to host the Summer Olympic Games. But it’s got A LOT of work to do, and just like the World Cup in 2014, the upcoming Olympics are exposing lots of Brazil’s domestic issues. Here’s what Brazil is battling before Rio 2016:

1. Rio de Janeiro’s disgusting water problem.

Athletes preparing for the Olympics are getting sick from the water in Rio de Janeiro due to the amount of bacteria and general pollution in the water. There is even a social media campaign using #RioWater to encourage officials to clean the shit up… LITERALLY. Most Brazilians develop immunities to these virus spawning particles, so one can only assume that may be a reason Brazil is in no rush to clean it up.

2. Catching up on those damn bills.

The 6th largest city in the Americas is just like you and me. How? Even they forget about their power bill. Seriously. The Olympic stadium, which is expected to host events this summer, had its power cut off after falling behind on power bills. Let’s hope they get their finances in order before the big day.

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3. Getting a handle of their Zika outbreak before all Brazilians suffer.

It’s time for the Brazilian government to invest some serious monies into finding a cure or a better prevention method other than, “Don’t get knocked up, OK?

4. Speaking of Zika, the Brazilian government is in for a very hard fight if they want to eradicate their problem mosquitos before the summer games.

Although Brazil’s president has pledged to do everything possible to eradicate the mosquitos that are transmitting the Zika virus, they could still be around during the Olympics. “We have a scheduling conflict – a public health crisis and the arrival of millions of people in Rio,” Jorge Darze, the president of the Doctor’s Union of Rio de Janeiro told The Guardian. “What worries me is the possibility of tourists contracting diseases such as Zika and not being able to find sufficient support.” A SCHEDULING CONFLICT?!

5. The Brazilian government needs to get a handle on its economy.

Not only did their inflation reach their highest levels in 13 years, but economists are expecting the worst recession since 1901 to devastate the Brazilian economy – just in time for million of people to visit for the Olympic Games. What are all those tourists going to do? Visit empty store-fronts and shuttered restaurants?

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6. Brazilian sports officials should be focused on cleaning up and revamping other projects before building anew.

Not only is the water gross, but structures such as the 2014 FIFA World Cup stadiums, sit vacant and in some cases in ruins. Why? After all the money gets spent to build it, no one ever uses it post-tournament. Brazilians have A LOT of regrets after corrupt officials jacked up prices for building new stadiums and renovating old stadiums. In the case of the FIFA World Cup stadium (pictured above), it is now being used as a multi-billion dollar bus depot… A BUS DEPOT!

Brazil has been trying to impeach their president for about a year now and things have not moved forward. Instead, the Supreme Court ruled in December 2015 that the whole process for impeachment now has to be changed and started over. How can a country hold the Olympics without an official host or hostess?

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