Sorry Justin, Selena Gomez is Definitely Over You

In case you didn’t know, Justin Bieber is not over Selena Gomez. Pobre…? He has even admitted to writing three songs about her for his new album Purpose. Too bad it’s too late and Selena Gomez is totes over the Biebs.

First, let’s remember Jelena.

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Cute. Too bad he decided to break her little heart.

Selena confirmed that she was officially over Justin during the AMAs performance of “The Heart Wants What It Wants”.

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She even ad-libbed the line “I thought you were the one.” It was directly aimed at Justin Bieber and the conversation of being over him has continued.

She realized her strong Latina personality is too much for some boys to handle. ?

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It’s true what they say. Not everyone is cut out to date a Latina.

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She found some common ground with David Letterman.

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Look at that laugh when he thinks about him sad. #staystrong

Mainly because they both made the Biebs cry. ?

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You tell ’em, honey!

She really liked being single after the split.

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You look good too, girl.

She even figured out exactly what she wants out of a man.

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Because if he doesn’t have eyes for you, who are they even for?!

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Which is very good since she is back on the market and looking.

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Get it girl. You’re guaranteed to make that man pay for his mistake for years.

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