Here Are 11 Sexy Latino Men with Their Kids to Give You All the Feels

Is there anything sexier than a hot dad who loves his kids? Think about it. Still thinking? Need more time? That’s because there’s NOTHING sexier. PREPARE YOURSELF… here is a rundown of 11 Latino dads with their adorable children. Enjoy! ???

Christopher Levy and his dad, William, are definitely dapper twins.

Salome Rodriguez certainly gets her smiling skills from her daddy, James.

Looks like Juanes is enamorada with little Luna Aristizábal. ?

Benjamín Agüero Maradona dressing just as sharp as his daddy, Serigo Agüero.

Regina is over daddy Aarón Díaz’s selfies…like so over it.

Dominic loves having fun with papi Mario Lopez.

Rivers is still trying to figure out who this Tony Romo dude is.


Matteo and Valentino enjoy early morning snuggles with with father, Ricky Martin.

Tomas has some pretty big shoes to fill thanks to his father, pro soccer star Ezequiel Lavezzi.

Jacob and Oscar Gabriel seem to be all about daddy Oscar de la Hoya.

Tiago and Ian never have to worry when they have Brazilian futbolista Hulk on their side.

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