Even Cholos Have a Soft Spot for la Virgen de Guadalupe

Credit: @_original.oldschool_ / Instagram

Nothing says you’re a badass cholo like a tattoo… of la Virgencita.

All across your back in classic green.

Credit: @consafostattoos / Instagram

Or in full color.

Done for now on this one #virgendeguadalupetattoo #virgentattoo #backtattoos

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Credit: @cesardatattman / Instagram

And on the ribs. But first ?…


A photo posted by Fernando Reyes (@chicomalox) on

Credit: @chicomalox / Instagram

The selfie so you know it’s real.

Many wear her close to their ❤️.


A photo posted by @flako_inking on

Credit: @flako_inking / Instagram

Started this abstract virgen customer brought in to convention #aztekink #virgentattoo#religous #toughtattoo #lavirgenmaria

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Or around the stomach works too, I guess.


Credit: @lucasbtattoos / Instagram

Other Gs wear her on their sleeve.

Credit: @rimktattoo / Instaram

That nipple ring tho.

But nothing shows your badass-ness like a Virgen tattoo on your hand, except…

Credit: @julietor / Instagram

One on your head.

Credit: @danielguello / Instagram

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If You Have Ever Spent More than 24 Hours in Miami then You Know All of These Things Are Too Real


If You Have Ever Spent More than 24 Hours in Miami then You Know All of These Things Are Too Real

Forget what you know think you know about Miami. This city is more than just South Beach, Brickell, and Wynwood. There’s no limit to the madness you will encounter in Miami.

The Real Housewives of Hialeah is more than just a make believe TV show.

Somebody call Bravo.

You’re likely to see a parade float dedicated to none other than Goya.

Los Tres Reyes would be so pleased to know that Goya is a proud sponsor.

It’s the only place on earth that you don’t need an oven to bake your cookies.


And you best believe you can do the same with your Pop Tarts while at work. They’ll be perfect toasted by lunch time.

Cuban flag apparel is everywhere you look.

Always the latest fashion.

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Sometimes it’s just too hot to wear clothes during a bike ride.

Well…most of the time.

OK, it’s always too damn hot to wear clothes on your bike ride. #ridefree


At least dude knows how to accessorize.

Your S.O., little cousins, and car all have the same nickname.

Chuchi is basically the same thing as saying sweetheart.

Literally every meal has a “dale” version if you look hard enough.

All thanks to Mr. 305, Mr. Worldwide…you get it.

And everything has to be a little Cubano if you hope to sell it.

Yes, even lettuce is proud to be Cuban.

There is nothing in the world that can compare to this store.


It’s truly the most magical place in the world.

A Miami breakup is a true and tough breakup.

And your ex will do whatever it takes to make sure you regret leaving them.

You see these things EVERYWHERE.


Even they have no chill.

And traffic is not a concern for them.

At least it keeps the place lively.

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Traffic jams are just another excuse to work on your tan…like everything else.

And traffic can be caused by anything from chickens crossing the freeway to a shootout. #miamiproblems

And you will do anything in your power to get your damn cafesito fix…anything.

Because in south Florida, cafesito is a way of life. #onlyinmiami

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