Why Parents Freak Out about College

You’d think parents would be over-the-moon when we get our college acceptance letter, but most turn to nervous wrecks. They’re afraid of you…

Not Visiting on Weekends or Holidays

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Parties, study cram sessions and the dodgeball weekend league seem like good reasons to skip a visit home to you, but your parents will miss you…A LOT. Be sure to call once in a while.

Becoming a Party Animal

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C-Fest in Rosarito, tailgates, homecomings, spring breaks, TURNING 21?! Can’t blame them for worrying.

Having a Change of Heart

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They know college is hard and pray you won’t drop out for something easier like beauty school, stardom or moving back home.

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Studying Abroad…Permanently

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Because they know three, short months in idyllic London, Puerto Rico or Costa Rica is enough to make you want to move there forever.

Experimenting with Drugs

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They weren’t born yesterday. They know these new college friends may lead you to make questionable choices.

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Starving to Death

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Moms will never consider your emergency stash of frozen burritos, corn dogs and Top Ramen real food.

Losing Your Virginity

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They don’t know you probably already lost your V-card.

Going Greek

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They’ve heard the horror stories about hazing, drinking and wild frat parties.

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Becoming an Atheist

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With thought-provoking philosophy classes, parents fear you’ll question what you learned in catechism.

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