When Your Parents Siempre Tienen Que Llevarse Algo No Matter Where They Go

Whether you’re at a quinceañera, bautizo, restaurant or hotel – no matter where you go, your parents refuse to leave empty handed. Maybe they’re obsessed with souvenirs or are low-key hoarders? Whatever the reason, you always end up with random items all over your house.

How many of these items are familiar?…

First off, they refuse to leave parties without a recuerdo or centerpiece.

And sometimes the family has to witness tías fighting over the last center piece. #WORLDSTAR

If there are candy bags at a birthday party, they take four even though they only have two kids.

The nicer and bigger the candy bags are, the more they take.

And after kids open their regalos at birthday parties, they collect the gift bags.

Because why go buy new gift bags at the store when you can just recycle old ones?

Before they leave a restaurant, they have to stuff some extra packets of azúcar or mermelada into their purse.

Necesitan su Splenda para el cafecito en la mañana.

And chances are they also take the restaurant’s pen after signing the receipt.

Short supply on pens? Neverrrrr.

If there’s an event giving out free t-shirts, they take three.


As soon as your parents hear that it’s GRATIS, they run.

Same goes with the food samples at Costco.

They pretty much get a five course meal with all the samples they take.

And whenever they stay at a hotel, they make sure to take all of the little shampoo and body wash bottles.


If your parents are paying more than $100 for a stay at a hotel, you can bet they’re not going to let any complimentary items go to waste.

Last, but not least… NAPKINS.


Whether it’s in your car glove compartment or on the kitchen table at home, you always find a collection of servilletas from all kinds of restaurants.

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