This Latina Poet Just Owned What It Means to Love Your Accent

Admit it: We’ve ALL been embarrassed by our parents’ accents at one point or another. But Latina slam poet, Denice Frohman, totally nails why we should not only own, but be damn proud of their accents and ours. Check it, yo.

Mami is meant to be loud because our culture is too vibrant to be muted. *snaps*

Credit: Denice Frohman / YouTube

Besides, have you even tried to tell your mom to quiet down? It’s NEVER going to happen.

Our parents are natural remixers, and don’t just mean with music.

Credit: Modern Family / ABC / danascullyandfoxmulderforever / Tumblr

The blending of English and Spanish has created words that all sound the same.

Credit: Denice Frohman / YouTube

But you can definitely tell the difference between the three when mami is talking to you.

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When she can’t find the accent-enhanced word she’s looking for, you know she’ll have a hand gesture on the ready.

If they love their accent, who are we to be embarrassed by and ask them to change it?

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Undermelting, undermining…same diff.

Plus hearing one word she still uses from her home country makes all of us feel right at home.

Credit: Denice Frohman / YouTube

Everyone’s ears perk up and you suddenly feel welcomed by one another.

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Denice Frohman slays. Check out her full poem below and prepare to laugh, clap, and swell with Latino pride:

Credit: Denice Frohman / YouTube

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