Proof Latino Parents Deprived Us of a Normal Childhood

In the words of Mia Colucci “quĂ© dificil es ser yo” because when you’re Latino your parents are strict beyond belief and there was so much we missed out on in our childhood… why are Hispanic parents so toxic?


It began with their ridiculous curfew: 10pm.


Dad would start calling… “ÂĄya casi son las 10!”

It’s barely 8:45! ?

Social outings were limited.


Ya saliste ayer ¿qué tienes que hacer en la calle todos los días?

Sleepovers were a no, no.

Because they didn’t trust our friends and didn’t know their parents.

We were deprived of the all-American camp experience.

Because to them it was a giant sleepover… and would probably end with an orgy.

We definitely couldn’t go clubbing.

Their reason: you don’t know what kind of people are there, what they’re doing, what drugs they’re on, what they drink, on and on and on…

Forget about dating.

Because we’d end up pregnant… and die!

We couldn’t be trendy which meant no piercings and no hair dye.

We were basic because to our parents, these things eran cosas del diablo… even though mom had her eyeliner tattooed ?.

We weren’t even allowed to have a phone.

We had to use the house phone and even then, they screened our calls.

Passionate telenovela scenes were banned.

Because to them it was basically like watching porn.

We weren’t even allowed to use public transportation!

Parents were always afraid of creepers and robachicos taking us away for good.

Shopping had to be done using the buddy system…with mom.

She had to approve of every thing we wanted buy.

Basically, we couldn’t have friends. ?

Dad: You don’t need friends. You have family.

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