These Messages Perfectly Explain That Cubans Aren’t Celebrating The Death Of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro, the Cuban dictator and face of the Cuban Revolution that toppled the Fulgencio Batista regime, died at 90 on Nov 25 2016. The cause of death hasn’t been released yet. Since his death, there has been an outpouring of celebrations from Cuban-Americans who have been waiting for the news of Castro’s death since fleeing the island for the U.S. But they’re not celebrating the actual death of Castro. Rather, Cuban-Americans are celebrating a chance for a better future for the island nation.

Cuban-American celebrities like Gloria Estefan took to social media to spread the news that Fidel Castro is dead.

“Although the death of a human being is rarely cause for celebration, it is the symbolic death of the destructive ideologies that he espoused that, I believe, is filling the Cuban exile community with renewed hope and a relief that has been long in coming,” Estefan wrote on Instagram. “And although the grip of Castro’s regime will not loosen overnight, the demise of a leader that oversaw the annihilation of those with an opposing view, the indiscriminate jailing of innocents, the separation of families, the censure of his people’s freedom to speak, state sanctioned terrorism and the economic destruction of a once thriving & successful country, can only lead to positive change for the Cuban people and our world.”

Retired baseball player Jose Canseco also weighed in on Castro’s death.

He didn’t celebrate the death but he gave a quick explanation why celebrations in the U.S. are a thing.

Actor Laz Alonso echoed Canseco with his own post to Instagram.

“There is a reason they celebrate,” Alonso wrote. “Unless u lived it, are related to those that did or lost relatives that did, u don’t know.”

And Calle Ocho in Miami was packed with people celebrating the death of Castro like only Cubans could.

Think a lot of cafecitos, cigars, pots and pans and, of course, so much rum!

Little Havana was the place to be following the announcement.

People. Are. Living.

Oh, and so many Cubanos.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to some freedom Cubanos?

Obviously, you can’t celebrate the future of Cuba without some dancing.


Even this abuelita’s Alzheimer’s didn’t dampen the emotion of Fidel Castro’s death.

Not even Alzheimer’s could take away the emotions my abuela Ata felt when she found out that monster had died! Thanks to her, my family is in this country today. ❤️❤️❤️

Posted by Ivis Suarez on Saturday, November 26, 2016


The hopes for a new and free Cuba is transcending generations.

Abuelitas are celebrating with their nietos who are calling their mamis and it is just glorious.

The Cuban flag is being waved all over the U.S. and it is beautiful.

¡Cuba Libre!

Again, they want everyone to know that most people aren’t celebrating a death of a human but the hope of a country.

Looking at you, Raul. ?

Though some are celebrating his death specifically.

Okay, Jerry.

Venezuelans in Miami are taking to the streets to celebrate with their Cuban neighbors.

Venezuela and Cuba share a shockingly similar story and experience given the Nicolás Maduro administration.

Some celebrators are pointing out that Cuba needs more than just Fidel’s passing.

*Raúl Castro pulls out a veladora and prays*

A few smart folks are seeing the business opportunities linked to the news of Fidel’s death.

*starts buying stock for Cohiba*

Is there a #MannequinChallenge celebrating this? Obvi!

On. Point.

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