9 Intense Forms of Discipline Courtesy of Latino Parents

For most people flip flops have zero relevance to discipline, but Latinos react to the word chancla with a twitch of horror. It’s only surpassed in fear by the infamous “en la casa arreglamos” phrase. Here’s the scale of punishments as taught by our parents.

Evil Eye


No words necessary.

Warning Whispers


That one boy’s “I see dead people” whisper had nothing on mami’s “Te lo comes todo o vas a ver,” “Te calmas o te calmo” or any variation of these. These phrases kept us up at night more than anything else.

Church Pinch


You went to the house of God to listen and worship the Lord…or else.

Death Threats


“En la casa arreglamos.” You were so dead.

Free Throw


The equivalent of freestyle for punishments. An unexpected reaction that triggered mami or papi to throw anything they could get their hands on.

Dry Slap


One single slap on either cheek “para que llores por algo.”

Wet Slap / Double Slap


You messed up so bad, mom would either stop doing the dishes just to slap you with soapy hands, or she’d slap you on both cheeks, you know, to even things out.

La Chancla

Whoa, that just took me waaayyy back lol ??? This chic is hilarious @salicerose

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“Te doy has las 3. Una, dos y… ??.”

Black Belt

This is where childhood trauma started. Pants down.

What was the worst punishment you got? Let us know and hit that share button a this week’s TBT. 

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