If “Sex And The City” Starred Latinas


Ambition, attitude, beauty and brilliance. Would Aiden, Big, Richard, Trey or Steve stand a chance if these strong women were Latina? Let’s see…

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Meet Camila!

Everything you know and love about Carrie, now with Boricua flair. And, yes, she still writes about relationships.


Camila, played by a quintessential New Yorker with a pretty famous dating history (sound familiar?), is still very much a fashionista.

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The Necklace

One major difference? The iconic “Carrie” necklace would be a cross given to her by her abuelita. Aww!

Credit: Etsy / Beautiful2u

“I’ll take a cosmopolitan!”

The signature cocktail is no longer called cosmopolitan, but a Vanidades.  Get it? Also, if you need cocktail inspiration, take a look here.

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Credit: Vanidades

Say hi to Sofia!

In place of Samantha, there’s the fabulous Sofia, played by Sofia Vergara. Like the original Samantha, she’s an accomplished businesswoman woman who always speaks her mind and knows how to get her way.

Credit: ABC / MTV.com

And don’t forget Magdalena.

Our Miranda would be Magdalena, a high-powered lawyer, busy mom and loyal friend played by famous multi-tasker — director/actress/activist — Eva Longoria.

Credit: Instagram / Eva Longoria

And finally, meet Celesta.

Sweet Charlotte, or Celesta, is played by none other than Jessica Alba; a famous mom, homemaker, and mogul thanks to her brand, The Honest Company.

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Credit: Instagram / Jessica Alba

And, of course, The Love Interest.

Mr. Big’s name would be upgraded to El Gigante. 😉

Credit: HBO / Perez Hilton

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Comment below who you think would make a better Latina Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte!

Latina Swims Straight Into Hollywood With ‘Baywatch’ Film


Latina Swims Straight Into Hollywood With ‘Baywatch’ Film

Credit: @belindapop / Instagram

Way to go Belinda!

The Spanish-Mexican actress and singer just landed a part in the upcoming “Baywatch” film having no experience or presence in Hollywood. Hmmm, wonder what Eiza Gonzalez thinks about her new, almost-identical competition?

Anyway, Belinda does have a lot of experience acting in telenovelas like “¡Amigos X Siempre!,” “Aventuras en el Tiempo” and, most recently, “Camaleones.” In terms of her music, though, girl’s got some serious following. Her first self-titled album sold 2.5 million worldwide and her latest album “Catarsis” debuted in the number one spot in Mexican charts. And thanks to her sexy shots, she’s garnered millions and millions of fans across social media. Maybe because of shots like this:

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…or this:

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So maybe she has no experience working with Hollywood natives, but if her success in music, TV and social media says anything, it’s that there will be millions of her fans watching her frolic on the beach in an itty bitty red bikini. Think “Baywatch” should have her don this bikini for the reboot?

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Read more about Belinda from Deadline.com here.

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