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Tacos, Tapatio and Chespirito: How Mexican Are You?

How Mexican are You?

You’ve heard of all kinds of ridiculous tags on social media, but none really applied until now. Measure how Mexican American you are with Oh Em Gee! It’s Eddie G! and his niece Vivika M. Answering questions like what’s your favorite hot sauce? And how many chanclas do you own? Will let you know how Mexican American you are. But the ultimate test is whether or not you have the Mexican stamp of approval. Find out what that is here.

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Don't You Dare: Episode 1


Don’t You Dare: Episode 1

Jorge and Josh take Their Dares to the Ring

You probably haven’t played dare since third grade, but Jorge and Josh bring back the old-school game after watching a blow-out boxing match. The duo challenge each other to face professional fighter, Charles “Pride of Paramount” Huerta. Who delivered a killer jab and who gets knocked out? Click above and find out.

What would you dare your BFF to do? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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