The 3 Things that Perpetuate Latina Stereotypes that Have to Stop

Credit: Stuff Mom Never Told You – HowStuffWorks

The 3 “Ingredients” that Perpetuate Latina Stereotypes

Caliente, sexy, spicy…these words get so tiresome.

It’s no surprise that Latina’s continue to be bound by stereotypical roles in Hollywood and, while it may seem harmless to portray Latinas as sexy, these typecasts have real consequences. In this first installment of “Stereotypology,” a YouTube series produced by Stuff Mom Never Told You, the producers explore the origin of the “spicy” Latina stereotype.

The video promptly points out how Latinas in pop culture are often stereotyped as “curvaceous, passionate, loud, tempestuous, super-catholic, really good cooks and wild in the bedroom,” citing Eva Longoria’s work in ABC’s Desperate Housewives and Sofia Vergara’s flamboyant nature in the hit series Modern Family.

Wondering what makes a spicy Latina? Well, the video also breaks it down. Here’s their spicy latina recipe: a dash of old school racism, pinch of cartoonization and sprinkle of marginalization.

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