@blaxicansofla Gets an Intimate Portrayal of What It’s Like Growing Up Black & Mexican

It’s already difficult trying to convince your others that you’re Mexican, Salvadoran or even Latino enough. But being part of two minority groups is twice the battle. @blaxicansofla is a platform that captures the true experience of biracial black and Mexicans living in Los Angeles.

It started with Walter Thompson-Hernandez who created this account dedicated to the research he was doing in grad school.


Credit: @blaxicansofla / Instagram

“I have always said that identifying as Blaxican is a political and revolutionary act,” he said in his personal account.

Dozens have joined his efforts and agree that Blaxican is it’s own identity.


Credit: @blaxicansofla / Instagram

And that the discrimination they face may be more than what others experience – But it has only made them more powerful.


Credit: @blaxicansofla / Instagram

Especially because they’ve had the strength to not identify with one group or the other.


Credit: @blaxicansofla / Instagram

Because why should anyone have to pick sides?


Credit: @blaxicansofla / Instagram

Or be discriminated by their own race?


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Being Blaxican is beautiful.


Credit: @blaxicansofla / Instagram

Participants are proud to share their parents’ love stories.


Credit: @blaxicansofla / Instagram

Even R&B star Miguel understands the mix of cultures is a unique experience, yet sometimes frustrating.


Credit: @blaxicansofla / Instagram

Although some feel they’ve had something to prove…


Credit: @blaxicansofla / Instagram

Most use one word to describe their heritage: proud.


Credit: @blaxicansofla / Instagram

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