Bernie Mac Scared The Crap Out Of His Nieces And Nephews Just Like That One Tio We Have

If you ever watched “The Bernie Mac Show” then you must remember all of crazy and hilarious scenes between Bernie and his nephews. All you need to do is watch one episode or scene, and Bernie will remind you so much of your parents that you’ll be having flashbacks to your childhood. Even if you didn’t watch the show, these Bernie Mac moments will for sure remind you of your family on so many levels.?

In one episode, Vanessa gets stressed AF when her tío Bernie tries to teach her how to drive…

CREDIT: The Bernie Mac Show / FOX

The constant nagging and yelling from your parents literally DRIVES YOU CRAZY. ?

… which makes her never want to drive again.?

CREDIT: The Bernie Mac Show / FOX

The more your parents yell at you, the more you reconsider sticking to the bus or just riding a bike instead of driving. ?

Bernie is always worried about Jordan’s masculinity.

CREDIT: The Bernie Mac Show / FOX

Similar to how your dads and uncles are always pressing the boys in the family about “acting like MEN.” Sigh.

When it comes to Vanessa and boys, Bernie is super overprotective.

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For the daughters in the family, bringing a boy over to the house is always a struggle.

So, of course, Bernie has his rules about Vanessa having a boyfriend.

CREDIT: The Bernie Mac Show / FOX

Seemed like you couldn’t have a boyfriend till you were 30 years old. ?

If Vanessa ever does have a boy over, Bernie sends Jordan to “keep them company.”

CREDIT: The Bernie Mac Show / FOX

Your younger siblings were basically you parents’ secret little spies.

Yet, when it comes to Jordan, Bernie isn’t overprotective at all.

CREDIT: The Bernie Mac Show / FOX

As a boy, you could always bring a girl home without a problem — and your dad will most likely praise you for it.

Whenever the kids are grounded, Bernie doesn’t take it easy on them.


Which is why you would dread getting in trouble for something.?

Bernie never believes the kids when they say they’re “sick.”


You had to be pretty much dying in order for your parents to really believe you were sick.

It didn’t matter if the kids said they were sick, Bernie still expected them to get up out of bed.


Would your parents let you stay in bed all day. YEAH RIGHT. If you were sick, then you were just being lazy.

If any of the kids ever decided to talk back to Bernie…


And you know what that hand gesture meant.?

No matter how often Bernie stressed out about the kids…

CREDIT: The Bernie Mac Show / FOX

And no matter how often your parents get fed up about you misbehaving…

At the end of the day, he loves Bryana, Jordan and Vanessa very much, and will always be there to protect them.

CREDIT: The Bernie Mac Show / FOX

They will do anything for you. ?

Bernie is always there for his family- open to have a heart to heart with them when things get rough.

CREDIT: The Bernie Mac Show / FOX

Family is everything, through thick and thin. ?

Rest In Peace to one of the Kings Of Comedy ❤️

Last month, in remembrance of Bernie Mac, the mayor of Chicago announced November 14th to be Bernie Mac Day, a day to remind everyone of the importance of “finding the humor no matter what.”

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