Here are 9 Products You Should Buy to Support Local Latino Businesses

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It’s no secret that Latinos are some of the hardest working people in the world. From the fashion world, to the food industry, we’re everywhere. Here’s a list of local products and services from hard-working Latino entrepreneurs from different local communities that you should totally support.

1. Canvas bags from Anda Pa’l

canvas bag

Seattle-based Puerto Rican designer, Rita Cidre, has created a line of canvas bags so cute and nostalgic of Puerto Rican upbringing that it’ll be hard to not buy everything on her website. They’re adorable, and make great gifts for friends and family. Plus, you’ll be supporting a Seattle-based small business owned by a dope Latina. What more could you possibly ask for?!

2. Hats from Triangulo Swag


If hats are your thing, then Triangulo Swag is the place you need to shop. The uptown NYC joint is owned by Alfredo Perez, and is a great way to give money to a Latino entrepreneur’s business. Also, you get to look super fly. It’s a win-win!

3. T-shirts from Nalgona Positive Shop

CREDIT: Nalgona Positive Shop / Etsy

This Compton, California-based Etsy shop is more than just T-shirts, dope pins, and awesome accessories. It’s quite literally changing the world – as they call themselves, they are “a Xicana-Brown-Indigenous shop for chubby warriors.”

Hell. Yes. “NPP’s goal is to provide comprehensive intersectional body positive information that covers topics such as historical trauma, body-positivity & indigeneity. Through education, social media, community outreach, an Etsy Store, NPP are able to spread it’s message and serve as a resource for the community.”

So incredibly amazing.

4. Bath Bombs from Brewbles Bath Bombs

bath bombs
CREDIT: Instagram / Brewbles Bath Bombs

No, that isn’t street corn. Yes, they are bath bombs.

The Austin-based Latinx-owned bath bomb shop is revolutionizing what it means to relax in a bathtub. Catheryn Estefania Rodriguez Rangel is the creator, and she’s a 23-year-old Xilangx/Mexican immigrant working hard to make her dreams come true. All of the proceeds from the bath bombs will go to funding her college tuition!

5. T-shirts, patches & hats from BRK House

CREDIT: Instagram / BRKHouse

Founded in 2014 by a husband and wife duo, BRK House grew from just a screen printing and design company to full patches, pins, and T-shirt company in early 2016. Their Latinx culture is evident in the products, like the dope Frida Kahlo pin above.

6. Tons of cool stuff from The Peralta Project

Peralta project
CREDIT: The Peralta Project

Founded in 2005 by native New Yorker, M. Tony Peralta, the brand is now over 10 years old. You can buy everything from awesome T-shirts, to pins, to hats, to basically any accessory that can make a statement.

The Peralta Project is more than just a place to buy cool accessories–it’s an outlet for art and Latinx creativity.

7. Nail Wraps/Decals from Cha Cha Covers

CREDIT: Cha Cha Covers

Los Angeles-based and Latina-owned, this shop is all about making your nails look fly as can be. Who doesn’t want to rock David Bowie and Selena on their hands at all times?!

Cha Cha Covers has been around since 2012, and its founder, Ana Guajadaro is killing it — Mexican born, Texas raised, she now operates the shop out of LA and is dedicated to bringing you the best nail art ever.

8. Chokers from Sad Sirena Designs

CREDIT: Etsy / Sad Sirena Designs

This Brooklyn-based choker shop is all you need for that ‘90s nostalgia style. Owned and operated by a Latina artist and designer, this is totally a place to support local business and look awesome while doing so.

9. Scarves from Rowdy Corazon

CREDIT: Etsy / Rowdy Corazon

This shop, based in Chicago, creates scarves as an ode to traditional rebozos. They’re gorgeous, and the material is imported from Mexico. The bandanas are even perfect for your dog! The owner? Thelma Uranga, who’s a “self-proclaimed Juana of all trades.”

There are so many incredible Latinx entrepreneurs out there — it’s worth it to do a little research, and support local businesses as small business owners!

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