14 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Tequila Right Now

As if you needed more reasons to drink tequila, researchers have found it has some potentially huge health benefits. We’re not surprised. How could something that feels so right be wrong?

Weight Loss

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Researchers have found that the non-digestible sugars found in tequila known as agavins can aid in weight loss. Yes, you can start celebrating now. With tequila.

No Hangover

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OK, tequila and hangover prevention may sound like an oxymoron, but there’s something to it. Those magic agavins don’t absorb like other sugars, so you don’t get as bad a hangover – just be sure you get a bottle that’s 100 percent agave. Sorry, José Cuervo.

It Puts A Pep In Your Step

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Many believe tequila is an ‘upper’ rather than a ‘downer.’ While there’s been no scientific evidence, people do report feeling perked by tequila and often order it to energize themselves as opposed to how wine might just put them to sleep. One thing’s for sure, that spicy zing wakes up your senses!

It Lowers Cholesterol

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Yep, you can add the ability to lower cholesterol to the list of tequila’s virtues. Perhaps this is why abuelo lived to be 106 despite his decades-long diet of tacos and tequila.

It Aids Production Of Prebiotics And Probiotics


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Put that kombucha down and go get a real drink! Tequila stimulates the growth of pre and probiotics, too.

Red Bull Gives You Wings, Tequila Gives You Balls

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Tequila is loved for it’s magical ability to make you feel invincible. It may not always end well, but it sure feels good at the time.



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Studies say one shot of tequila an hour before a meal stimulates your appetite, and a shot after aids digestion. Our studies show three more turn you into a chismosa.

It Makes The Fiercest Cough Syrup

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In the 1830s Mexico used tequila with agave and lime juice to soothe colds. Some are still enjoying the remedy today.

It’s A Pain Killer

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Like all alcohol, tequila has an analgesic effect that kills pain. That’s good news, since tequila also makes you fall down a lot.

It May Lower Blood Pressure

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Who knew tequila’s de-stressing abilities were thanks in part to lower blood pressure – in moderation of course. Too much alcohol raises blood pressure.

Because Tequila Massages Exist

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Yep, it’s a thing. Due to the skin benefits of tequila, some spas now offer tequila massages, where tequila is used topically to help relaxation and soothe pain.

It’s An Aphrodisiac


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It seems tequila really does make clothes fall off. People have believed tequila is an aphrodisiac for centuries.

It Strengthens Your Bones

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If all dietary supplements were this good, we’d be a whole lot healthier.

Bonus: It Tastes Uhhhhmazing

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Let’s face it, that was the only reason we ever needed.

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